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What’s on the Story Trail?

A Unicorn Named SparkleA Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young is the featured story on the trail behind the Library.

Craft as Spiritual Practice

A book caught my eye today at the Conway Public Library book sale corner. The Knitting Sutra: Craft as a Spiritual Practice by Susan Gordon Lydon. The fact that it was sized just right for the basket by the potty may have played a role in how fast I plunked down my $2 cash but I am a devoted knitter and maker and I have often felt something spiritual in it so two wins = a good buy, right!?

In the very beginning the author is talking about the inefficiency of craft. About the idea that we often cast around trying to make something involving thousands of individual stitches go by as fast as possible.

“Time, which is fractal, stretches out, and I begin to experience eternity. There is something about that spacious expansion into endless time that promotes the growth of large-scale thinking, that enables one to rise above the petty stresses of everyday life.”

Isn’t that extraordinarily uplifting? Have you ever had that feeling of time stretching out and you are outside of it? Is that what it is to be moved during worship? Or transported while meditating? Do I sit prostrate at the alter of the almighty and glorious toe-up, two-at-a-time sock? Maybe so, maybe so…


Last week for Summer Reading!

Our Summer Reading Program comes to a close this week. Don’t miss Meredith’s final program for elementary-aged students today at 3:15pm and on Thursday at 10:30am for ages 0-5. Also, please fill in those reading logs and turn them in at the Library to collect your praise and prizes!

LEGO Train Car on display

We are delighted that Dawson Santoro has shared with us one of his newest LEGO creations. During the winter, he designed and built another train car from the Conway Scenic Railroad fleet. As always, his meticulous attention to detail is astonishing and the completed piece is on display here at the library. If you missed his full train display last summer, you can still catch it down at the Conway Scenic station.

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