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This winter visit one of five nearby museums or one fantastic ski area with your Jackson Library card!

What’s on the Story Trail?

Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee
Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee
by Chris Van Dusen is on the Story Land Book Trail starting behind the Library.
The Snowy DayThe Snowy Day is on the Anklebiter Loop at Jackson Ski Touring

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3 days ago

Rory visited us today to welcome friends on the Story Book Trail.

3 days ago

Come hang out work Rory and check out out Story Land Book Trail today 12 to 2!

1 week ago

Lotte and I just made the trek to the story book trail! She did awesome!

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Welcome to vacation week!


I know it’s raining, but there are lots of terrific museums in NH. Not one of our passes is checked out this week. I’ll grant you that the selection has dwindled a bit because it’s renewal time and I am having a hard time deciding what museums to get passes to this year. Want to help? Please take my little survey to put in your requests. Keep in mind that this is not a democracy – I am the queen. Seriously, though, I have to work within a strict budget while meeting the needs of the majority of folks so I’ll look at all those factors and decide. It makes it a whole lot easier when I know what you want, though!


Federal support of public libraries at risk

“Sorry, no… but I can borrow it for you from another library!” We say this sentence several times a day. In NH, everything from the software that allows us to efficiently make the requests (yes, the same one) to the “van” that transports the materials all over the state – 100% is funded by IMLS. If the agency is eliminated ILLs in NH will go with it.

If you are one of those who … Read more

Busy times in February

Golly, gee, gosh… friends. It’s February. How did that happen? There has been so much going on here my head is spinning. Early in December the state-wide system that we depend on to get your super fast Interlibrary Loans had a catastrophic failure. They were not able to revive it and have now shifted focus to replacing it… which will take time. This has put a tremendous extra burden on us and so if we … Read more