Library gardens

Beautiful gardens this summer. via Instagram

Beautiful gardens this summer. via Instagram

On this first day of fall I want to remind you of what a terrific summer just ended. Our ‘summer Sundays’ experiment was a great success. We had record participation in our Summer Reading Program. And we found a volunteer assume the care and maintenance of our garden.

We all know that this lovely building is a tremendous source of pride in town and it deserves a garden worthy of it. Our friend Karen Connolly rose to the occasion and completely revamped the beds. She stayed faithful to the overall design, but enhanced it with some flowers, new perennials, spiffed up the existing ones, and gave everything a fresh layer of mulch.

She worked very hard for us and we think she did an absolutely beautiful job. If you see Karen, please thank her for everyone who loves the Library.

The Finest Hours is here!

This year One Book, One Valley is reading The Finest Hours. I think it is an awesome choice and here is why:

Who doesn’t love a maritime rescue story? Everyone does! We have ten copies to check out, but the holds are mounting. If you can’t wait, we have copies on both our Kindles too. It is available in a YA version. NH Downloadable Books offers it in both eBook and Audiobook format with … Read more

The Storywalks Continue…

We have found a way to breathe new life into some well-loved and well-worn children’s books by adapting them for our Storywalk. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, we placed the pages of Green Wilma, by Tedd Arnold, in laminated pockets and mounted them outside. When the pages of this delightful froggy tale become weather-worn, we will replace them with something new. So stop by and enjoy our Storywalk offerings!

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