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What’s on the Story Trail?

Ladybug Girl
Ladybug Girl
by David Soman is on the Story Book Trail starting behind the Library.

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Coming soon to your wonderful Jackson library: an outdoor community space with shade!

Late last summer the Jackson Women’s Sewing Club dissolved after 100 years of service to the Jackson community. They offered the Library the balance of their accounts for the purpose of developing ... See more

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A rainy day, a mug of tea, and a book...

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We are always happy to help you find that "just right" book!

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Town Hall Style Meeting with Erik Corbett, NH House Candidate

NH House candidate, Erik Corbett, will be hosting a Town Hall style meeting on August 15th at 5pm at the Jackson Public Library in Jackson. The event is free and open to the public.

The candidate plans to speak briefly about why he is running for the NH House of Representatives and hopes to hear from voters from Harts Location, Bartlett and Jackson about what issue are most important to them and their families.

Statement from Mr. Corbett “I’ve said in previous campaigns that if elected I would hold meetings like this every month, so this campaign season I thought I’d just do it. In NH, with our citizen legislature, voters shouldn’t have to pay to go to a fundraiser, go to the Selectmen's meetings or hope they catch their
Representative at the Post Office to discuss the issues or their concerns with their Representative. We’ll do this in August, and September, and October. And when elected we’ll do it every month that the House is in session”

For more information, visit the Corbett for NH website, Corbett for NH Facebook page, Corbett for NH Twitter feed or Corbett for NH Instagram.

Note: The Jackson Public Library provides a venue for educational purposes in the interest of serving the community. The Library does not endorse any candidate.

Hidden History: Quakers and Puritans in 17th Century NH

Please join the Friends of the Jackson Public Library for Hidden History: Quakers and Puritans in 17th Century New Hampshire presented by retired librarian Olga Morrill on Sunday evening August 12th at 7 pm.

Vagabond Quakers

Plymouth Rock and the Puritan landing in 1620 figure prominently in American history, but the century and a half between that event and the American Revolution of 1775 have been largely glossed over by our educational system. Few … Read more

Ask a Muslim Anything now available online

It took me only two very busy months, but I finally posted the video of our wonderful collaboration with the Jackson Community Church to host Robert Azzi‘s talk, Ask a Muslim Anything. If you missed the event way back in May, you can view it on our Past Programs page along with many others. Thanks, as usual, to Jackson Flicks.