2018 Oscars

Gooood morning friends!

It is another beautiful day in paradise, isn’t it? I am super excited about the snow this week.

A few bits of housecleaning to tell you about. We now have the School’s Annual Report and the Town Annual Report in our foyer. We also have some basic tax forms including 1040, 1040ez and 1040 schedule A, all with instructions.

Now that that’s out of the way – did anyone else stay up until after midnight watching the Oscars? Last summer I resolved to devote more time to books and I’m not much of a movie watcher so I hadn’t seen one of the films nominated. I like to watch, though, because it’s something I do with my mom and for the cultural spectacle. I thought I’d be in for an hour and then head home to my novel.

But, it was super entertaining, inspiring, touching, and lovely, I thought! So I stayed to the bitter end. I loved the song from The Greatest Showman and when the winners get choked up. I’ve never seen anyone thank their kids in their speeches before and I found it sweet. I felt heartened by the diversity and honest, ongoing discussion about the gender issues that the industry has been grappling with. I always love a good joke at Meryl Streep’s expense (who doesn’t?). She takes it in stride – so poised.

Anyway… enough about me. I thought you may be interested to know that between us, Madison, and Tamworth we have most of the films available. I have Darkest Hour, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Coco, and Roman J. Israel, Esq. on my desk. I have The Shape of Water (March 13), Call Me By Your Name (March 13), Lady Bird (March 6), Phantom Thread (April 10), The Greatest Showman (April 10), and The Post (April 17) ready to be ordered when they are released. Cook and Madison both own a copy of Get Out so place a hold on it and we will email or call when it is ready for you.