Dance your feet off in August!

We just found out that the Covered Bridge Dance is the same day as our celebrated Family Dance Party and Picnic on August 5th. I’m not sure how that happened, but I hope you have enough dancing for both! This one is my baby because I have always loved live music and would like to expose my kids to a broader variety than the ‘children’s music’ genre. Not all ‘adult music’ is appropriate, though, or it happens late at night in a bar or both, so this is my library solution to that problem.

I love Miss Maybell & Slimpickins whose music is fun and danceable, but with wholesome lyrics. As a bonus they are a cultural experience. We will have them on the lawn beside the library at 5pm so families can come. Sweeney Sensations will return to us with a barbecue dinner to purchase for $5. We encourage lawn games, screaming, and running as well as dancing. If you’re not into that, bring your most comfortable lawn chair!

Last year it rained and we still had a blast inside the Library, but this year we will have a rain location at the Whitney Center. I hope we will see you all there for this community party!

Here is what is new and coming this week.:

We have certainly seen an uptick in our library traffic and lots of happy faces returning for the summer! I just came back from our summer vacation to the AMC Cold River Camp in Evan’s Notch. We did some light hiking with the kiddos, ages 5 and 7. (We said Adventure Walks, though, so they wouldn’t spook.) Both kids made friends with whom they ate all their meals and played all day leaving me with to do nothing but sit in the sun and read. I finished The Bullet and The Fifth Petal. Both were firmly summer reading – they kept me entertained but didn’t challenge me much. I am surprised, though, to find myself thinking about the plot of The Bullet, though. Imagine discovering in your 30s that you have a bullet in your neck that you didn’t know was there!?

What are you reading?