Lots of series releases in August

Golly, can you even believe that July is over and it’s August? My bean plants should be higher and the list of books I read this summer should certainly be longer. If you come in often to browse you may have noticed that the end caps in fiction and non-fiction are displaying older titles that haven’t been checked out in a number of years. When they come up on my list of candidates for removal from the collection (aka discarding, de-accession, or weeding), it’s a handy way to give them one last chance. If someone checks one out, that hints that there may be some interest left, but if they continue to sit there they may be heading for the book sale.

I have noticed quite a few of soft-hearted Jackson folks who have been ‘saving’ these books. I, myself, rescued The Beekeeper’s Apprentice about a young woman who becomes a student under Sherlock Holmes. I have to say that I do not love it. I do not get preoccupied thinking about the plot or the characters. I have even tried to abandon it, but I went back.

It has gotten under my skin. There is something comforting about the sweet little mysteries lacking in gore or murder and sometimes silly and sometimes serious. The pair solves them observation, wit, and learning. They banter and bicker. Sherlock never sees Mary as anything less than an equal and simply dismisses anyone who suggests she unworthy. I find it refreshing that there is no romantic element at all even as their relationship becomes closer. They are just friends with a shared skill and interest. In fact… pardon me, I have to go home and read my book. -Lichen

New in August: