72 hours commence

I really want to sit down and write to you everyday while we are closed, but I’ll be honest, today I’m having trouble accessing my usual chirpy tone. The truth is that this is hard, isn’t it? It’s unthinkably hard without our friends and supports near us. It’s easy to lose that thread of humanity that binds us.

I’m not going to let that happen to us, library community! I’ll do anything I can to stop it. So, I commit to writing here every day that we would have been open under normal circumstances. I’ll write what fun little news I would have shared with you when you came in. I will also post a photo or video on instagram for the more visual among us.

I do have bigger plans as we move forward through this strange time. I’m thinking about introducing an instant messaging box on the website so we can chat real-time. I’m flirting with the idea of setting up a Zoom account so we can all meet up virtually for story telling, book talk, what have you. Please pass along any other ideas about what I could do to keep us all in touch! Until then, I’ll see you, through the door, on Tuesday at 2pm for materials pick up.