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What’s on the Story Trail?

Ladybug Girl
Ladybug Girl
by David Soman is on the Story Book Trail starting behind the Library.

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We decided to close the building at 5pm so we can all get home before dark. Stay safe, friends!

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Ladybug Girl on the Story Book Trail

Ladybug Girl by David Soman
This outstanding spring day deserves a new story for walking! We changed the Story Book Trail yesterday to our springtime favorite, Ladybug Girl by David Soman and Jacky Davis. Follow the adventures of Lulu and Bingo as they explore their springtime world at the same time that you explore yours! The trail can be muddy so wear sturdy shoes. It starts behind the library and winds through the woods.

Ladybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs
If the Library is open, stop by and check out the latest in the Ladybug Girl series, Ladybug Girl and the Rescue Dogs. If it’s checked out there are lots more from which to choose.

April is showery so far

Spring is sweet and all – I love the smells the best – but I am a little sad to see winter leave. My little ones had a blast skiing out to the Coco Cabin to read the stories this year. And we circulated our trail pass to Jackson Ski Touring a grand total of 28 times which I think is a terrific success.

In March I read The House of Impossible Beauties by … Read more

Mea Culpa

At 9am I was reading a novel in bed. At 10am I was hollering at the kids to pick up their toys so I could vacuum. At 11:30 I was out biking in my jammies and thinking about lunch, blissfully unaware that the toys were still everywhere and that the Library was still shut tight.

Thanks to Julie and my beloved and faithful Saturday volunteer for alerting me to the growing crowd outside the … Read more