A digital gift to you

Most of you know that we have been working hard over the last weeks to re-organize the library in order to bring you services while still keeping everyone safe. One of the things we have done is invested a bit more in what we are offering via Overdrive, our downloadable book service.Days of Distraction by Alexandra Chang now available in Overdrive

Digital books are pricey, usually between $60 and $80 per copy. And even those are often 'metered' meaning they expire after a certain amount of time or certain number of check-outs so it's usually tricky to justify buying them over paper.  When I buy them, though, they are for the exclusive use of Jackson card holders.

In order to stretch our dollars as far as possible, I have been running lots of reports to see what Jackson patrons have on hold in Overdrive, and then buying those titles. When I do that, Jackson folks are boosted to the top of the hold list. I've also been watching sales closely and buying titles at a deep discount. This month it is children's material.

I hope this small offering can help keep your your social distance a bit less lonely. As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have.