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Lichen Jennings Rancourt, Library Director – Lichen is proud to join the team at the Jackson Public Library as of August 2014. She received her Master’s of Library Science in 2006 with a concentration in Digital Libraries. She is proud to have grown up in the Mount Washington Valley and is thankful to have the opportunity to return with her family after a decade away.

Meredith Piotrow, Children’s Librarian – Meredith Piotrow is a certified Library Media Specialist and the Children’s Librarian at the Jackson Public Library. When she is not reading a variety of children’s or young adult books, she can be found exploring the great outdoors or folding origami. She and her husband moved to the valley in 1996 and their family can’t imagine living anywhere else!

Lisa White, Library Aide – Lisa White began as a Jackson Public Library Trustee, then decided to get to know the library on a day to day basis as a library aide. She enjoys reading and helping our patrons out. Lisa lives in Jackson with her family.

Gloria Hutchings, Library Aide – Gloria joined us in the spring of 2018 to provide support for our new open hours on Sundays.

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