August Question of the Month

We are on summer time, and we’re running a little late on the question of the month…but our August question is here at last.

This summer at the library we have been celebrating heroes of all types: community heroes, animal heroes, environmental heroes, and of course, superheroes.

So…in honor of all these wonderful heroes, we want to know, if you could choose any super power for yourself, what would it be?

Please stop in and add your thoughts to our bulletin board!

The July Question of the Month received a wonderful mix of responses to our query, Why do you come to the library?

Not surprising, the most popular answer was that people come in to find a good book! Stopping by to read also ranked up at the top. Other folks are looking for movies, wanting to use the computers or wifi, working on the puzzle, asking questions about books (we love answering questions about books) as well as other topics. Some said they like coming in to visit us, and we are so glad that you do! On hot days, people also appreciate the air conditioning. Although it didn’t show up on the bulletin board, we do get many visitors who come in to admire the beautiful building we are so lucky to call our library!