Bonus trivia rounds

The trivia we offered  over the vacation week was a resounding success. To beef up the competition we offered it to all the area libraries as a fun competition. I had a few goals with this project:

  • Provide families something to do together even if they were celebrating from a distance. Sometimes it's hard to find something to talk about on the phone when you see each other only once a year.
  • Offer a way for teams to feel a sense of community by providing a goal they can reach together.
  • Have a project that was fun for me to do over the week.

That last one is pretty low on the priority list, but it still figures. It's tricky to juggle heavy-duty work around the distraction of the holidays, but organizing trivia was easier to dig in to. I think I was successful on all counts. We had an amazing 65 teams register representing libraries from Freedom, Fryeburg, Jackson, Madison, Moultonborough, North Conway, Sandwich, and Tamworth. Approximately 45 of those teams played all the way to the end.

The Jackson teams, led by The Three Masketeers, held the top spot throughout the contest, but after a surprise upset in the final round, Donnydowoop won the day. In their honor a book went to the Freedom Public Library in their honor.  Freedom also won the contest among each library's to three point's earners. Two books commemorating their victory are on their way into the Freedom Library's collection.

One of our fine and generous Friends writes trivia questions and hosts contests for his friends and allows me to repurpose them for these contests. Appreciating the elegance of starting on Yule-eve and ending on New Year's Day, I only used eight of his rounds.

The end game here is to say that I am posting two more rounds open to anyone who wants to try it out. If you want to be notified by email when there is a new question posted, please register. If you are happy to monitor the library's trivia page for new rounds, simply dive into Bonus Round 3.9. I'll post results on our trivia page.