Busy times in February

Golly, gee, gosh… friends. It’s February. How did that happen? There has been so much going on here my head is spinning. Early in December the state-wide system that we depend on to get your super fast Interlibrary Loans had a catastrophic failure. They were not able to revive it and have now shifted focus to replacing it… which will take time. This has put a tremendous extra burden on us and so if we are a bit slower than usual or if you are expecting something and it doesn’t come, please understand that we are stretched thin. We will not be offended if you ask again so please don’t be shy. (Also, if you want more information about this, I will be happy to provide. But, be fore warned, I have strong feelings and will very passionately share every single detail with you. Best to set aside some time.)

On a more uplifting note, I hope you have heard about our collaboration with Jackson Ski Touring and Story Land with outstanding support from the Board of Selectmen and the Road Crew. We have successfully mounted two winter story book trails.

The one behind the Library is completely open to everyone, including those with four furry feet. You can ski, snow shoe, walk, sled, crawl, whatever your pleasure. It is about one kilometer long. The other is within Jackson Ski Touring’s trail network. Kiddos can get there free, but grownups need a trail pass. It’s about 1.5 miles to reach the story near the cocoa cabin off the Ellis River Trail. I explored it this morning. It took me a total of about 90 minutes out and back. Meredith can do it in 20 so you’ll probably be somewhere in between.

We are looking for a few donated snow shoes that folks can use to check out the trail so if you have something like that in your basement or attic, we would be oh so grateful! I’ll give you some kind of goody in return.
Cell Phone Spy
And now, without further ado, I give you our latest acquisitions. Not all are currently in the building, but all are available for placing holds.

Can’t wait to see you on the trails or in the Library! -Lichen