Can you help with our Pumpkin display?

We are proud to be participating again in this year’s Return of the Pumpkin People. Our Charlotte’s Web display last year was a smash hit and I am planning something this year to highlight the Library’s modern services.
Unsurprisingly, to those who know me, I have waited until the last minute and I am begging some help. If you would like to provide any of the following, please drop it at the Library any time; leave a comment below; or email me and I will happily and gratefully accept.

Our offering for Return of the Pumpkin People 2014
Our offering for Return of the Pumpkin People 2014

If you want to give something, please drop it off before 9/26 (yes, that is Saturday):

  • an old light-colored sheet,
  • Fabric markers or paint,
  • Bale of straw,
  • old lawn chair – adirondack style would be ideal. I can return it,-
  • Old Pants
  • long sleeved turtleneck (there will be a short sleeved over it)
  • shoes
  • PUMPKIN! Human head size
  • Old and not-functional laptop
  • Old wooden crate (for a makeshift side table)
  • Glue gun
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Zip ties, big ones

If you want to help out. please come to the Library around 10am on Saturday 9/26 and give me a hand. Tasks may include the following.

  • Lettering a large sign
  • Hang sheet from a tall ladder
  • Stuff clothes with newspaper to create pumpkin man
  • Lend some ideas and creativity as we set it up

We had a blast making the display last year – this is a fun project that helps the Library – but most of all gives us a reason to spend a few hours building something. Kids are welcome to come and race around – mine will be here. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide and I promise to manage my time better next year.