Ty Gagne event Sunday 1/31

Join author Ty Gagne and the Friends of the Jackson Public Library on Sunday, January 31st at 5pm to discuss his new book The Last Traverse: Tragedy and Resilience in the Winter Whites. Register online to receive Zoom details.

The Last TraverseOn a mountain somewhere above treeline, in some of the coldest and worst winter conditions imaginable, two men lie unconscious in the snow as explosive winds batter the nearby summits.

In The Last Traverse: Tragedy and Resilience in the Winter Whites, Ty Gagne masterfully lays out the events that led up to an epic and legendary rescue attempt in severe and dangerous winter conditions in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. More than a cautionary tale, it is a tribute to all the volunteers and professionals who willingly put themselves in harm's way to save lives. This is a must read for anyone who hikes the Whites.

"In his first book, Where You'll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the last Climb of Kate Matrosova, Ty Gagne established his credentials as a writer of well-researched and objective analysis of mountain accidents. Moreover, Where You'll Find Me reads like a novel, a book I couldn't put down. In his latest book, The Last Traverse, Gagne takes the combination of analysis and storytelling to a new level in a tale of survival and tragedy in the White Mountains."

-Mark Synnott, author of The Impossible Climb: Alex Honnold, El Capitan, and the Climbing Life and The Third Pole: Mystery, Obsession, and Death on Mount Everest

This event is sponsored by the Friends of the Jackson Public Library. Registration is open to anyone and we have 100 'seats' in our Zoom subscription. In the unlikely event that over 100 people register, priority will be given to Jackson Library card holders and members of the Friends of the Jackson Public Library.

Museum of Bad Art: Living in Tough Times

The libraries of the Northern New Hampshire Library Cooperative are proud Living in Tough Timesto present Living in Tough Times: From Having a Bad Day to Dystopian Apocalypse from Boston's Museum of Bad Art via Zoom on Sunday, February 21st, 2021 at 5pm.

The Museum of Bad Art collects, exhibits, and celebrates art that will be seen in no other venue. Their art is sourced from thrift stores, yard sales, and even sidewalk trash. They analyze it, compare it to classic art, and share it with our thousands of fans around the world.  As we endure a global pandemic, political upheaval, and unrelenting climate change, Living in Tough Times examines works from the MOBA Collection to discern how art reflects adversity.

Patrons of the libraries of any NNHLC libraries - Conway, Jackson, Madison, or Cook in Tamworth - may register to participate. The Zoom information will be shared closer to the date. Please address questions to Lichen at the Jackson Public Library.

Online film screening and discussion “Communities & Consequences II” Jan. 26

Communities and Consequences II

“Every citizen, business and organization has a stake in the economic health of the Granite State.” This is the tagline for the New Hampshire PBS film, “Communities & Consequences II: Rebalancing New Hampshire’s Human Ecology.”

On Tuesday, January 26 at 6 p.m., the Cook Memorial Library, with the Madison Library, the Tamworth Economic Development Commission, the Tamworth Planning Board, Mount Washington Valley Economic Council, MWV Housing Coalition, MWV Age-Friendly Community, and UNH Cooperative Extension, will partner with New Hampshire PBS to offer an online screening of this film followed by a panel discussion with people working to improve the human ecology of the Mount Washington Valley and surrounding area.

REGISTER for the virtual screening!

NHPBS will send you a link to the private screening and walk you through some set up FAQs once you register.

The program will begin with a brief introduction, followed by a screening of the hour-long film. After the film, there will be a moderated panel discussion with panelists Andrew Dean, Chair of Mount Washington Valley Housing Coalition, Marianne Jackson of Mount Washington Valley Age Friendly Community, and Shannon Rogers, State Specialist of Nature Based Economic Development on UNH Cooperative Extension’s Community and Economic Development Team. Audience members will be able to submit questions during the film and discussion.

NHPBS will send you a link to the private screening and walk you through some set up FAQs once you register.

Corporate sponsors for the NHPBS “Communities and Consequences II” project: Cathartes | DTC Lawyers, PLLC | EnviroVantage | Exeter Hospital |Heritage Home Service | New Hampshire REALTORS | New Hampshire Electric Cooperative | New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority | Anagnost Companies | Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc. | Orbit Group |Northeast Delta Dental | Chinburg Properties

The Last Traverse. Book talk with Ty Gagne

Edit:: Conway reports this program is now FULL. We are in touch with Mr. Gagne to offer an encore soon. Watch this space.

Join Ty Gagne and the Conway Public Library on Zoom January 21st at 6:30pm to discuss his new bookThe Last Traverse The Last Traverse: Tragedy and Resilience in the Winter Whites. You may remember our 2018 our One Book, One Valley series featured Ty's first book, Where You'll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova by Ty Gagne. His followup is reported to be every bit as riveting.

The Conway Public Library has generously invited the Jackson Library community to join the event. To receive meeting details, please email Lichen.



Bonus trivia rounds

The trivia we offered  over the vacation week was a resounding success. To beef up the competition we offered it to all the area libraries as a fun competition. I had a few goals with this project:

  • Provide families something to do together even if they were celebrating from a distance. Sometimes it's hard to find something to talk about on the phone when you see each other only once a year.
  • Offer a way for teams to feel a sense of community by providing a goal they can reach together.
  • Have a project that was fun for me to do over the week.

That last one is pretty low on the priority list, but it still figures. It's tricky to juggle heavy-duty work around the distraction of the holidays, but organizing trivia was easier to dig in to. I think I was successful on all counts. We had an amazing 65 teams register representing libraries from Freedom, Fryeburg, Jackson, Madison, Moultonborough, North Conway, Sandwich, and Tamworth. Approximately 45 of those teams played all the way to the end.

The Jackson teams, led by The Three Masketeers, held the top spot throughout the contest, but after a surprise upset in the final round, Donnydowoop won the day. In their honor a book went to the Freedom Public Library in their honor.  Freedom also won the contest among each library's to three point's earners. Two books commemorating their victory are on their way into the Freedom Library's collection.

One of our fine and generous Friends writes trivia questions and hosts contests for his friends and allows me to repurpose them for these contests. Appreciating the elegance of starting on Yule-eve and ending on New Year's Day, I only used eight of his rounds.

The end game here is to say that I am posting two more rounds open to anyone who wants to try it out. If you want to be notified by email when there is a new question posted, please register. If you are happy to monitor the library's trivia page for new rounds, simply dive into Bonus Round 3.9. I'll post results on our trivia page.


Library trustee meeting 1/5/21 @ 5pm

Jackson Public Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, January 5, 2021, 4:00 pm


Approval of minutes from prior meeting.

Reports: (a) Library Director; (b) Treasurer (including discussion of preliminary budget for 2021); (c) Friends.

Pandemic Service Plan: Status and discussion of modifications required, if any.

Library Director’s Job Description and Evaluation: Discussion and approval.

Town Annual Report: Discussion of narrative.

Other Business.Non-Public Session: If applicable.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 2, 2021, 2:00 pm.

Trivia is here for the holidays

I don't know about you, but I sometimes struggle coming up with conversation topics during family events. Even more if those events are via phone call or screen.

I am here, your devoted librarian, with a solution for you.

We are offering a holiday round of Town Battle Trivia! In May we had 36 teams registered and 18 who played every round. I would love to top that.

A few changes this time. I will award two prizes, one to the library of the winning team and another to the library with the highest total score for its 3 highest scoring teams. The prize will be a book of the library's choosing with a bookplate commemorating the game.

Register your team now and the first round of questions will be released on Christmas Eve and every evening through New Year's Eve. Winners announced New Year's Day.

Standings and rounds will be published on the Trivia webpage. Registration and rounds will remain open until the last round of questions are due on 12/31. This way if you are hanging out with your family on boxing day, you can catch up and play along.

Here's the fine print:

  • Teams limited to three people or one household, whichever is more.
  • Each team must affiliate with a participating library. If your library is not listed, please ask them to get in touch with me.  It's much more fun if the libraries are in on it!
  • No research - honor system.
  • Answers may be challenged, but decisions by the host are final.
  • Team name, standings, and supported library will be public.

Register now and the first round will arrive in your email on Christmas Eve. Tell your friends! It's fun.

‘All Eyes Are Upon Us,’ a Zoom event on October 8th

COVID closures and Zoom conferences can be tricky, but they can also offer us new opportunities. One of those is a chance for us to partner with the libraries of Cook Memorial in Tamworth, Conway, Freedom, Madison, as well as the NH Humanities to bring you an exciting event relevant to our particular place in time and geography.

Jackie Robinson
Join us for an online event October 8th at 6:30pm

From Brooklyn to Boston, from World War II to the present, Jason Sokol traces the modern history of race and politics in the Northeast. Why did white fans come out to support Jackie Robinson as he broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947 even as Brooklyn’s blacks were shunted into segregated neighborhoods? How was African-American politician Ed Brooke of Massachusetts, who won a Senate seat in 1966, undone by the resistance to desegregation busing in Boston? Is the Northeast’s history a microcosm of America as a whole: outwardly democratic, but inwardly conflicted over race?

We invite you to join us on Zoom on October 8th at 6:30pm for Jason Sokol's presentation: All Eyes Are Upon Us: Racial Struggles in the Northeast, from Jackie Robinson to Deval Patrick. Please sign up to receive a Zoom invite or tune in to the Conway Public Library's Facebook page for a live feed. Contact Lichen  (603-383-9731) if you don't have the skills or equipment to participate, but would like to.

Outside Concert Sunday!

Please join the Friends of the Jackson Public Library for an outdoor concert and
fundraiser, featuring local harper Dominique Dodge, at 4 pm Sunday afternoon
August 23, 2020 at the Jackson Public Library, located at 52 Main Street in
Jackson, NH.

This socially-distanced, outdoor concert will feature Dominique Dodge singing and
playing her harp for 50 minutes of traditional music and song from Ireland,
Scotland, and Cape Breton. Expect beautiful Gaelic songs, lively dance tunes, and
stately compositions by the great Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738).
This is Dominique's first live performance since the lockdown began and she is
excited to share new material, as well as favorites from her 2019 album "Cànan
nan Teud" (The Language of the Strings) and highlights from her duo project with
Cape Breton fiddler Rosie MacKenzie. 

Please come prepared for this outdoor event with your own chairs and masks.
Due to COVID-19, masks and appropriate social distancing of at least 6 feet will be

A $10 donation is requested but not required to support the Friends of the
Jackson Public Library. For more information, please contact the Jackson Public
Library at 603-383-9731 or view the Library’s Facebook page.

Map round answers & Penultimate Round posted

Wow. Ya'll know your geography. Border Patrol (Jackson) and The Trivia Twerps (North Conway) both made a perfect score which means I have failed as a triviasta. Congratulations to both teams. Overall standings have shifted again and The Trivia Twerps take over the third position.

I love rounds like the Maps because there's not subjective scoring. The good old lappy scores everything up for me. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

1. Malaysia
2. Brunei
3. Philippines
4. Indonesia
5. Singapore
6. East Timor
7. Papua New Guinea
8. Australia
9. New Zealand

Spanish speaking countries

1. Mexico
2. Guatemala
3. El Salvador
4. Honduras
5. Nicaragua
6. Costa Rica
7. Panama
8. Colombia
9. Ecuador
10. Peru
11. Bolivia
12. Chile
13. Argentina
14. Uruguay
15. Paraguay
16. Venezuela
17. Puerto Rico
18. Dominican Republic
19. Cuba
20. Spain
21. Equatorial Guinea

Next up is a Greater than, Less than, Equal to challenge with a fun twist at the end.  Due tomorrow 5/8 by 7pm. One more regular round to be released tomorrow night and then the big finale on Saturday night. I scored a sweet grand prize today for the winning team.

Also, I put some new info up on the standings page about the Library scores. I calculated the team averages per round and it looks like Fryeburg's high scorers puts them on top! Someone check my reasoning please.