Map round answers & Penultimate Round posted

Wow. Ya'll know your geography. Border Patrol (Jackson) and The Trivia Twerps (North Conway) both made a perfect score which means I have failed as a triviasta. Congratulations to both teams. Overall standings have shifted again and The Trivia Twerps take over the third position.

I love rounds like the Maps because there's not subjective scoring. The good old lappy scores everything up for me. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

1. Malaysia
2. Brunei
3. Philippines
4. Indonesia
5. Singapore
6. East Timor
7. Papua New Guinea
8. Australia
9. New Zealand

Spanish speaking countries

1. Mexico
2. Guatemala
3. El Salvador
4. Honduras
5. Nicaragua
6. Costa Rica
7. Panama
8. Colombia
9. Ecuador
10. Peru
11. Bolivia
12. Chile
13. Argentina
14. Uruguay
15. Paraguay
16. Venezuela
17. Puerto Rico
18. Dominican Republic
19. Cuba
20. Spain
21. Equatorial Guinea

Next up is a Greater than, Less than, Equal to challenge with a fun twist at the end.  Due tomorrow 5/8 by 7pm. One more regular round to be released tomorrow night and then the big finale on Saturday night. I scored a sweet grand prize today for the winning team.

Also, I put some new info up on the standings page about the Library scores. I calculated the team averages per round and it looks like Fryeburg's high scorers puts them on top! Someone check my reasoning please.

Town Battle Trivia: May 2-9

Join the Jackson Public Library for some spring time fun. Gather your family to answer one online round of questions per day for a week.

In a fun twist, I have invited all the Valley libraries to offer this to their patrons too. All teams will be asked to affiliate with a library and in the end two winners will be named and awarded a prize bundle from some local sponsors. One prize to the winning team and a gift certificate to White Birch Books for the affiliate Library. It's not a lot, but it adds a bit to the fun.

Register and play the first round by Saturday May 2nd, and every day afterward for seven days. The final round is on Saturday May 9th at 7pm with final Jeopardy-style bids and answers due at 7:05pm so everyone should plan to be home for that. Honestly, where else would you be?

Contact Lichen Rancourt for more information.

Trivia is back… with a twist

Remote Trivia Challenge
Round One

Answers due: 4/1 by 6pm

Our local Trivia maestro has moved his magic online and trusted ME to bring it to you. He has created eight daily rounds of general knowledge questions for you to answer. You can play just one day or all eight rounds, of course, you will only win if you play all eight.

  • Honor system – no researching. Don’t ruin the fun for everyone.
  • If you have been playing with Bob H, you’re disqualified. Sorry!
  • Maximum of six per team.
  • It’s all in good fun.
  • Tell the judge she smells nice, she likes that.
  • The first round, with team name is due Wednesday, April 1 by 6pm.

Good Luck!

Dominique & Rosie on Sunday evening

Jackson’s own Dominique Dodge

Join the Friends of the Library on Sunday 2/23 at 5pm as local harper Dominique Dodge & Cape Breton fiddler Rosie MacKenzie offer an evening of music and song from Cape Breton and Ireland.

Rosie and Dominique are traditional musicians of depth and character, as well as childhood friends, reunited. The expressive warmth of Rosie’s fiddling meets the percussive resonance of Dominique’s harp in a way that lifts the tunes and carries them along in a stream of buoyant energy. Cape Breton is the source of their music, but both have lived in Ireland and share a love of that tradition as well. Strong singers each in their own right, their voices are well-seasoned, well-matched, and prone to both carefully woven harmony and full-bodied unison in Gaelic and English. Their sound is dynamic, responsive, and full of mischief and delight.

Donations of $10 to $20 are requested and will go directly to the musicians.

Cutting the Cable on 9/25 at 7pm

Please join the Friends of the Jackson Public Library for a workshop on “Cutting the Cable: New Ways to Watch Television” by Bob Levin. This program will be held Wednesday evening September 25th at 7 pm at the Jackson Public Library.

Bob Levin will explain what combinations of devices and equipment make
“cutting the cable” feasible. He will discuss subscription services and how they work, and whether they can save you money. Bob will also cover options such as Smart TV, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Hulu, and sport streaming services. Finally, Bob will provide instructions on how to set up some of the most popular options.

Bob Levin is a photographer and marketing specialist living in Tuftonboro, NH. He runs RDL studios. For more information, go to This program is free and open to the public, although a $5.00 donation is welcome to offset presenter expenses. For more information, please contact the Jackson Public Library at 603-383-9731.

An evening with Lisa Gardner

Please join the Friends of the Jackson Public Library for “Writing a Suspense Novel: Behind the Scenes” by famous local author Lisa Gardner on Sunday evening May 6th at 7 pm at the Jackson Public Library, located at 52 Main Street in Jackson, NH.

Lisa Gardner will take us behind the scenes of her writing process and answer questions such as: Where do you get your ideas? How long does it take you to write a story? What is your daily writing schedule? When did you decide to become a writer? Why do you write suspense novels rather than another genre? Who is your favorite character and are they based on someone in Jackson? And finally, do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Lisa Gardner, a #1 New York Times bestselling thriller novelist, began her career in food service, but after catching her hair on fire numerous times, she took the hint and focused on writing instead. A self-described research junkie, she turned her interest in police procedure and criminal minds into a streak of internationally acclaimed suspense novels, including her most recent release, Look For Me. With over 22 million books in print, Lisa is published in 30 countries. When not writing, she loves to hike, garden, snowshoe and play cribbage.

For more information visit Lisa’s website and check her books out of the Library! I betcha we have the most complete collection in the US!

Jackson Ski Touring opens new Story Book Trails!

Please join Jackson Ski Touring, the Jackson Public Library along with Storyland on Thursday February 1st at 3:30pm, as we cut the ribbon to our new Storyland Story Book Trail located behind the Jackson Library. This was a community project to bring fun and literacy to the trails of JacksonXC! Representatives from JSTF, the Jackson Library, Storyland and Duke the dragon will be on hand for this exciting event! Come on by and help us celebrate! We cannot thank Storyland enough for this very generous donation to JacksonXC ,the Jackson Public Library and the community of Jackson! There will be hot cocoa for all! Hope to see you there!

Pumpkin story-ski is up!

Posted by Jackson Public Library on Friday, September 29, 2017

Please read, and return, One-in-a-Million Boy

This year’s selection.

We are in the midst of our annual One Book One Valley season. I just finished The One-in-a-Million Boy by Monica Wood and I have to say that it’s just about as perfect as a novel can get. It can be read on several levels. The prose is beautiful. It’s tender and moving, but also thoughtful. I don’t remember the last time I liked a book so much.
Our book group will be discussing in next week and I know several other book groups are reading it too. We have only 10 paperback copies and one eBook copy. There is a lengthy list of people who are waiting for a chance, please, return yours by your due date in order to give someone else a chance. I know that you like to keep your copy for the discussion, but please try and make do without that this time. The whole point of One Book, One Valley is to be able to chat with your neighbors and it only works if we all read it!

As always, everyone is welcome at our book discussion on Tuesday, October 10th. We meet upstairs in the cozy chairs. I also hope to see lots of Jacksonians at the author event at Kennett High School on Thursday, October 26th at 7pm. If you want to make an evening of it, Black Cap Grille is donating 10% of dinners sold that evening to One Book One Valley.

I would also like to thank The Lodge at Jackson Village for providing our author with overnight accommodations again this year. Always generous and so appreciated!

Art in Bloom on Saturday

We are looking forward to hosting some amazing floral arrangements on Saturday for Art in Bloom! The Library will be open extended hours for browsing, reading, and taking in the sights.

“Walking Tour of Jackson”
A Floral Interpretation of Art

Our annual Gift to the Valley

Presented by the Mountain Garden Club

Saturday, June 24, 2017 * 10AM-4PM

Eight venues identified within the Village, and brochures available at each location: Jackson Public Library, RiverWood Inn, Ravenwood Curio Shoppe, Snowflake Inn, Whitney Community Center, Jackson Historical Society, Old Jackson Library, Ellis River Gallery.

Also three outside locations on the route: Wildcat Inn and Tavern, Jackson Community Church, Thompson House Eatery

Floral design demonstration offered by Dutch Bloemen Winkel at 11:30AM. at the Whitney Center.

Light Refreshments offered 11:30AM – 3PM

This event is Free and open to the Public – rain or shine. Good Parking everywhere.