The Heirloom Gardener. Thurs, Sept 16

You are invited to for an evening with John Forti, author of the new book The Heirloom Gardener on Thursday, September 16 at 7pm. Register to receive the Zoom details. If you would like to attend, but are uncomfortable on Zoom, please email or call (383-9731) the Library and ask for Lichen. I'm considering a small viewing party at the Library.

The Heirloom Gardener is John Forti’s newest presentation.  It draws from his new book of traditional plants and skills for the modern world.

Richly illustrated with period images and contemporary woodcuts, his PowerPoint shares inspiration from our long history of heirloom preservation, garden craft and homestead lifeways.  Artisanal lifestyles that are helping us to rebuild vibrant local agricultural economies and celebrate sustainable cottage industries that are contributing to our new, homegrown American arts & crafts movement and backyard environmentalism.

At a time when we could all use a little good news, we hope you will join us for a refreshing look at how you can make a difference in your own backyard and community.

John Forti is a garden historian and ethnobotanist who has directed gardens for Plimoth Plantation Museum, Strawbery Banke Museum, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and Bedrock Gardens. As a Slow Food Slow Food USA Governor and biodiversity specialist, his preservation work has helped to restore countless native and heirloom plants and has brought traditional artisanal practices to modern thinking.   He has won numerous awards for historic garden preservation, children’s garden design, herbal and historical education and most recently, the Award of Excellence from National Garden Clubs, one of the nation’s most-recognized nonprofits and largest volunteer gardening organization in the world. This book was inspired by his posts as The Heirloom Gardener - John Forti which go out regularly to millions on facebook that value his uniquely curated blend of history, horticulture, environmentalism, poetry, art, kitchen and garden craft. He gardens and lives along the banks of the Piscataqua River.

This event is proudly presented by the Northern NH Library Cooperative which includes Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, Conway Public Library, Jackson Public Library, and the Madison Library.

Storytime ON for Sept. 2!

While we are not quite sure what Ida is bringing our way, conditions continue to look favorible and we are still ON for Storytime under the tent at 10:30am on Thursday, September 2nd.  Petunia and Meredith will be there, ready to share stories, songs, actions rhymes, and fun!  We will post an update here if anything changes. Otherwise, we hope to see you at the library!

Book donations

We love books around here - you know it, I cannot deny it. We have terrific, dedicated, experienced volunteers who accept book donations on the first Saturday of every month at the Gray's Inn Garage next to Flossie's.

I came in today to find a pile of dusty books in front of our door. To bring them into the building, I had to clean them first. Then I either put them on our shelf in the hall, throw them out, or pack them in a box for our volunteers to hump down to the storage.

Please do not leave donations at the library. When they are here, especially stacked in front of our door it adds to our workload... and (I will take every opportunity to remind you) we are one of the busiest libraries in the state and don't have any free time!

The tent stays through September

I am happy to announce that thanks to the Friends of the Jackson Library, our tent will be staying until September 12th. It has been such a fantastic way for us to gather safely, that we decided we wanted it around for Jeff Warner’s Banjos, Bones, and Ballads on August 20 and then Shark Martin on September 9th. Not to mention our story times! It’s still available to reserve for your chem-free events as well.

Please join me in thanking all the Friends of the Library who provide us so much support all year.

Storytime ON for Thursday 8/19!

While we are expecting wet conditions from Fred on Thursday, August 19th, so far the morning conditions still seem favorable for a storytime under the tent.  Morning rain accumulation looks small and the winds light.  So, please join Meredith and Petunia under the tent at 10:30 am for stories, songs, rhymes, and fun!  If the forecast changes, we will update this post accordingly.

Sad farewell to Tails & Tales

We had our final official event of our Summer Reading Program yesterday. It was bitter sweet after a summer filled with terrific activities with guests from all over the state. Our first story time included 15 families under our tent - an all time record! Families have been picking up wee tea sets and other goodies won in our book bingo challenge as well as prizes for turning in reading logs. We are so grateful to everyone who attended these events as well as the following contributors:

  • Autumn Nomad for sweet prizes from their irresistible treat case.
  • Diary Queen for helping us give away dozens of free cones.
  • J-Town Deli for gift certificates for readers' choice of amazing snacks.
  • Portland Sea Dogs for vouchers to allow summer readers a break to take in some ocean air and baseball.
  • Story Land for passes as for four lucky readers.
  • Our long-time Friend of the Library who donated teeny-tiny tea sets that went to many loving homes.

Several organizations donated their resources to bring us our events. We would like to thank:

And finally, the summer simply would not have been possible without our beautiful tent to oversee it all. The tent was funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 and administered by the New Hampshire State Library and the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.

It was such a big success that we are working on finding funding to purchase a tent and other equipment to make our summer-time outdoor space more versatile. If you appreciated having the tent this summer and would like to help it continue, please consider emailing me a letter of support I can include in our grant application.

Frog Discovery Time!

 3pm on Wednesday, August 4th

For our next Summer Reading Program event, please join EB Brandt from Green Mountain Conservation Group for Frog Discovery Time at 3pm on Wednesday, August 4th. Learn about what it means to be an amphibian, what is metamorphosis, and what frogs we can find in our backyards! In addition to interacting with live frogs from the GMCG vernal pool, there will be a game and a frog puppet craft.  Please join us for this exciting program!

GMCG is a community-based, charitable organization dedicated to the protection and
conservation of natural resources in the Ossipee Watershed in central Carroll County including the towns of Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Madison, Ossipee, Sandwich, and Tamworth. Founded in 1997, GMCG is a networking and referral resource for area residents concerned about land use issues in their communities. It encourages individual and small group activism based on common sense and science based approaches to resolving problems. To learn more about GMCG and volunteer opportunities write to or visit

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Program Today!

Join us today, Friday, July 30th from 5-6pm when Squam Lakes Natural Science Center presents their No Two Tails Alike Program as part of our Summer Reading Program calendar of events. This program is perfect for families and is free and open to the public.

An animal’s tail can serve as a rudder when swimming, help with agility during flight, or can even function like an extra hand. Meet live native wildlife ambassadors as a naturalist from Squam Lakes Natural Science Center tells tales of the tails of some of New Hampshire’s native wildlife.

Please note that Squam Lakes policy requires that all particpants at their programs wear masks. As we expect breezy weather, bring an extra layer to stay warm and comfortable under the tent!