Library report to the town

The year 2020 required that we adapt in order to thrive. And Jackson Public Library is definitely thriving! Although the building was completely closed for several months, the Library is OPEN in so many ways!
Patrons can schedule 20 minute visits to the Library to browse the collection or use the computers, and are welcome to explore the storybook trail behind the building.
Curbside pickup is available (and the Library was among the first to implement this service during the pandemic) for books, DVD’s, magazines, hot spots, Chromebooks, puzzles, museum and recreation passes and preloaded Kindles.
Online services include downloading of eBooks and Audiobooks, participation in the monthly Book Group, movie streaming with Kanopy, taking craft classes with Creative Bug, printing from anywhere for pickup at the Library, story time(twice monthly) and applying for a Library card.
Our Library staff deserves well-earned thanks for stepping up to the many challenges presented by working in this time of COVID-19. Of course, our dedicated staff of 4 has always been ready to serve the Library’s many patrons, but has now been faced with adding a regimen of new health and safety measures to keep everyone safe - e.g., wearing masks, frequent hand sanitizing,wiping down work surfaces, holding returns “in quarantine.” Typically the Library staff would receive assistance from a large group of volunteers, but due to the pandemic, volunteers have not been allowed in the building. Consequently, the Library staff has shouldered all responsibilities for keeping the Library running. Special thanks go to our outstanding Library Director, who applied and received for the Library a special $10,000 grant under the CARES Act (administered by New Hampshire Humanities) to be used to recover lost income and fund new initiatives aimed at providing services that can be accessed outside the building. Thanks to the CARES Act grant, the Library updated its WiFi systems within and outside the building, purchased additional Chromebooks for checkout and added patio furniture on the pergola to allow for outdoor meetings (socially distanced, of course).
The Library continues to benefit from the support of the strong Friends of the Jackson Library. We thank them, and you, for your generosity in providing funding for book purchases, programs and other needs. The Friends organized and hosted two successful outdoor concerts featuring Jackson musicians  and October. We look forward to the return of more frequent programs and the annual book sale in 2021. As a reminder, the Friends of Jackson Library provide significant funding for the Library’s needs; the Town budget supports only the Library’s staff and utilities.
Now for a few statistics which show how the Library continued to meet the needs of its patrons during 2020. Total circulation was more than 14,000 items;this comprised almost 5,000 adult books, 4,000 juvenile books, 1200 DVDs,2,000 audio books in a variety of formats, 1,600 eBooks and 300 other non-print materials. Total patron visits (including curbside pickup & appointments) were over 5,000. There were 558 active patrons. Our small library remains one of the top three busiest in the state per capita.
Library news, upcoming events and new materials are always available on the newly designed this year (and awesome) website at www.jacksonlibrary.organd announced in Jackson eNews. The Jackson Library always welcomes suggestions and donations to assist in providing you informative programs and needed services.Remember - the Library is OPEN for you!

Now OPEN* with restrictions

We are so proud to announce that starting today, the OPEN flag will be out. We will be open for business, but with some changes:

  • Most importantly, masks are strictly required in the foyer and the building. If you enter the foyer without a mask, you may be asked to leave and you may get an angry phone call from me. No one wants that.
  • You must stay socially distant from each other and from our staff. You may have been vaccinated but we are all young and healthy and it will be quite awhile for us.
  • Do not come in if you have traveled outside New England in the last 14 days OR if you are sick. We all know this, right?
  • For the time being, one party will be allowed in the building at a time. If all goes well, we’ll start considering more, but baby steps.
  • Drop-ins will now be welcome without an appointment. You may still make an appointment if you don’t want to risk having to wait. Priority entry will be given to those with appointments. (We have maybe one or two a day, so don’t sweat it too much.)
  • All visitors must wait in the foyer for permission to enter by our staff.
    • Please tell us your name even if you think we know – it’s hard to tell with masks on. Only valid Jackson Library cardholders are allowed inside.
    • We may ask some followup questions and then either allow you inside or let you know how long the wait is. Please wait for that before entering the second set of doors.
  • Maximum visit time will be 20 minutes in order for everyone to get a turn.
  • All other services, including item pickup, will continue.

The Library Board of Trustees, Friends of the Library, and Library Staff are thrilled to be reopening our building almost exactly one year since having to close for safety. Thank you for your continued support and patience.

Library appointments by request

We are pleased to announce that the Jackson Public Library is ready to welcome back patrons by appointment only beginning October 20th. Adult cardholders may now register online or by calling (603-383-9731) for a 20 minute visit to the Library to browse or use a computer. Appointments are available on Wednesdays from 2-5 pm, Fridays from 2-5 pm or Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm. A family with young children may schedule a visit (the last appointment of the day will be reserved for a family group), provided children remain under adult supervision in the children’s area at all times. Masks are mandatory for visitors age 2 and up, and hand sanitizing will be required upon entering the building. You must agree to health guidelines when making an appointment.

Curbside pick-up service will continue on Tuesdays from 2-6 pm, Thursdays from 2-6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm. Borrowed materials must be returned in the depositories outside the building; returns are held in quarantine for 72 hours before reshelving. We have several laptops and wi-fi hotspots available for checkout. In addition, wi-fi is available outside the Library building 24-7. Printing and faxing services continue, as do reference services. Downloadable books are another option available for patrons.

We thank you for your patience and support as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, and look forward to a time when we can resume normal operations. The health and safety of our patrons and staff remain a top priority for us at all times.

Lichen J. Rancourt, Library Director
Linda M. Terry, Chair, Board of Trustees

Map round answers & Penultimate Round posted

Wow. Ya'll know your geography. Border Patrol (Jackson) and The Trivia Twerps (North Conway) both made a perfect score which means I have failed as a triviasta. Congratulations to both teams. Overall standings have shifted again and The Trivia Twerps take over the third position.

I love rounds like the Maps because there's not subjective scoring. The good old lappy scores everything up for me. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

1. Malaysia
2. Brunei
3. Philippines
4. Indonesia
5. Singapore
6. East Timor
7. Papua New Guinea
8. Australia
9. New Zealand

Spanish speaking countries

1. Mexico
2. Guatemala
3. El Salvador
4. Honduras
5. Nicaragua
6. Costa Rica
7. Panama
8. Colombia
9. Ecuador
10. Peru
11. Bolivia
12. Chile
13. Argentina
14. Uruguay
15. Paraguay
16. Venezuela
17. Puerto Rico
18. Dominican Republic
19. Cuba
20. Spain
21. Equatorial Guinea

Next up is a Greater than, Less than, Equal to challenge with a fun twist at the end.  Due tomorrow 5/8 by 7pm. One more regular round to be released tomorrow night and then the big finale on Saturday night. I scored a sweet grand prize today for the winning team.

Also, I put some new info up on the standings page about the Library scores. I calculated the team averages per round and it looks like Fryeburg's high scorers puts them on top! Someone check my reasoning please.

Order round results & Map round posted

Team Tyrol from Jackson handily won this round with 17 out of 21 possible points. It was a tough outing for lots of you. Overall Madison's Logix is holding onto their lead after the Order Round and Jackson's Boarder Patrol stays in second. We have a new contender on the Board from Madison in the third position. Welcome to Silver Lake Literary and Shepard's Pie SocietyAll standings are up.

The Order Round is always a tricky one. Here is the correct order for each:

Put these athletes in order from tallest to shortest.

  • Zdeno Chara is 6' 9"
  • Jayson Tatum is 6' 8"
  • Chris Sale is 6' 6"
  • Jared Stridham stands 6' 3"

Put these events in order from earliest to latest.

  • Bay of Pigs Invasion 4/17/1961
  • John Glen, first man in orbit 2/20/1962
  • Kennedy Assassination 11/22/196
  • Beatles on Ed Sullivan 2/09/1964

[Put these events in order from earliest to latest.] This was an error. When I copied over the question, I forgot to change this. It should have asked for the books in order of publication. I will give credit for the events too.

  • The Hobbit 1937
  • Fellowship of the Rings 7/1954
  • Two Towers 11/1954
  • Return of the King 1955

Put these places in order from largest to smallest.

  • Maine 35,385 sq miles
  • Denmark 16,577
  • Sicily 9927
  • Lake Ontario 7320

Put these island chains in order (all of them) from most to least.

  • British Isles 6289
  • Thousand Islands 1884
  • Florida Keys 1700
  • Aleutian Islands 300

Next up is the Map Round due tomorrow 5/7 by 7pm.

Music Round answers

I got an email tonight that warmed my embattled little heart: "Even though I don't know many answers I am already looking forward to your emails." Those are the things that make everything worth it, aren't they?

We have a new leader, folks! Team Logix playing for the beautiful Madison Town Library is now leading by a point and a half. The current standings show that it's still anybody's game - the final round upon which we are all hinging our Saturday night - is a bidding round. Three questions. Max bid of ten point per question. The whole game can change.

Nothing like a music round to remind you what a geek you are, right? If it had been a musicals round or folk music round, I would have killed it. Here are your answers:

  • Robert Palmer sang "You're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love." I recommend listening while dancing in the kitchen in your socks. Hopefully you have children to embarrass or delight, depending on their age. Ours are on the fence.
  • Paul McCartney was the last member of The Beatles to get married for the first time.
  • Neil Diamond wrote I'm a Believer recorded by The Monkees in 1966.
  • She Loves You was written by Jon Lennon and Paul McCartney and included the lyric "with a love like that you know you know you should be glad, ooh"
  • MTV chose the Counting Crows as the Best New Artist in 1994 for their song, Mr. Jones.
  • Johnny Rotten considered his Sex Pistols band mate Sid Vicious a "waste of space."
  • Tina Turner released We Don't Need Another Hero in 1985.
  • To Sir with Love was a film starring and a song sung by Lulu.
  • In Our House sung by Madness brother has a date to keep.
  • Most of you are about to have your minds blown like mine was. David Bowie co-wrote the song Fame with Jon Lennon. Of course, we miss them both... but mostly Bowie.
  • According to the J. Geils Band in their song Centerfold "my blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold."
  • Jay Z was born as Shaun Carter.
  • Aerosmith guitar Slash used to be Saul Hudson.
  • Sting taught high school English when he was still Gordon Sumner.
  • Bono used to be Paul Hewson.
  • Pink signs her checks Alecia Beth Moore.
  • Alice Cooper's yearbook shows Vincent Furnier.
  • Mama Cass started out as Ellen Cohen.
  • Reginald Dwight became Elton John then got famous.
  • Lady GaGa seems much less glamorous as Stefani Germanotti.
  • Declan McManus croons much better as Elvis Costello.
  • Freddie Mercury started life as plain, ordinary Farrokh Bulsar.
  • Joni Mitchell used to be Roberta Anderson.
  • Would Meat Loaf have been as wild if he has stayed Marvin Aday.
  • Somehow Calvin Broadus Jr suits Snoop Dogg just fine, thank you very much.
  • Eminem is still Marshall Mathers to his parents' friends.
  • Katy Perry is a conservative dresser when she leaves home as Katherine Hudson.

For your Wednesday entertainment, we have the Order Round which will close at 7pm tomorrow. Sleep tight poppets. Thanks for playing.


Materials requests

If the chat window looks like this, we are waiting to talk to you right now!

I haven’t updated you about our progress bringing you updated library services. Our reintroduction of material pickups on Tuesdays and Saturdays was a smash. On Saturday I took almost 100 items off the shelves and put them in the hallway. I was exhausted but happy.

If you would like to request library books to pickup, there are several ways to do so:

1. go to your account and log in with your full, 14 digit library card number. If you are used to using only four numbers then precede them with 2424700000xxxx and you should get in. (Please do note that because the State Library has cancelled the book courier service we rely on, we cannot borrow items from other libraries at this time. You will be limited to only putting holds on items we own in our collection.)

2. Fill out a form or simply email the staff.

3. Go to our chat page and if it shows we are online, we may even get a chance to have a wee catch-up in real time. I feel like I am logged into the chat 22 hours a day so you have a good chance of catching me.

Even if you miss us on chat, the staff and I have been working on setting up schedule during which you can either reach us or expect to hear back from us in whatever format you prefer. Those times are Tuesday – Saturday from 9am – 12noon. During those hours one of use will be at our computers waiting to fulfill your needs. If you phone, someone will be picking up messages and returning your call during those times.

All the best during these difficult times. We miss you all and are working just as hard to support you. Our Guide to Service is constantly updated with the latest we are doing. Lichen

Online Story Program

Hello, Friends!  Please know that we at the Jackson Library continue to think of you all.  In an ongoing effort to connect with as many of you as we can during this time of social distancing, we are pleased to begin our daily online Story Program with Petunia and Meredith.  Each weekday morning we will share a story with you, which will be posted on our website at 9 am (technology willing) and it will be accessible until the following morning when the next story replaces it.  Starting Monday morning, you will find the link to our Story Program just above the Story Walk information on the front page of our blog. We hope you’ll tune in and enjoy! Stay well.

Meredith and Petunia