Book reviews in the catalog

We loved Lake Tahoe!

I am home for just a few days between the first half of my vacation adventure and the second. On the plane and most of my down time, I happily read The Guncle by Steven Rowley. On the plane home I started It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. No one in NNHLC owns a copy, but if you want to read it, let me know and I’ll lend my personal copy when I’m done.

One of the fun features of our new catalog is reviews! Simply login with your 14 digit barcode and password (click forgot password if you don’t remember it). Find the book you want to review, rate it and click submit review.

To find reviews, look for Borrower Reviews in the menus under the book information. Once you have left a review, it will be there for others to read – they will see your first name and last initial so keep that in mind and only leave reviews if you are ok being asked about it at the post office!

Easy peasy and the rating helps the catalog learn your tastes and makes recommendations more relevant for you.

Board of Trustees meet Tu 8/4 @ 4pm

Jackson Public Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 4:00 PM
Jackson Public Library

Contact (603) 383-3100 for Further Information

  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
  2. Reports
  • Library Director’s (including selection of contractor to install generator
    and discussion of support for JGS)
  • Treasurer’s
  • Friends’
  1. Status of of Policy Revisions: Safety, Circulation, Equipment
  2. Review of Investment Policy (available on JPL website)
  3. Other business
  4. Next meeting: Tuesday, September 6, 2022, 4:00 PM

Downloadable audiobook purchase

I just sat down to order downloadable copies of our 2022 One Book One Valley selection, Night of the Living Rez for Libby/Overdrive and threw a few other titles in there as well. In total I bought five audiobooks and one eBook. Can you guess how much that cost? $350!

And that’s not all. Three of them are only available in ‘metered access’ so we pay $40-$100 for a recording on Libby and can only circulate it 24 times OR for 2 years, which ever comes first. For Night of the Living Rez, this works out to $1.67 per listen and then we have to pay another $40. For perspective, these same titles in physical formats – CDs and print – would cost us $129.63 and we would have them forever.

Legislation is just starting to be considered to help regulate these obstacles for libraries. Readers First, an advocacy group for libraries, has published an excellent position paper on this issue, for those interested.

If you’re a downloadable book lover and want to help out, we offer sponsorships! Let me know if you want a specific title.

If you’ve read this far, you have earned this. The following books are available for download for Jackson resident cardholders only. This means far shorter wait times!

Night of the Living Rez

Radio, tent, and garden!

Pizza garden

On Tuesday we hosted Plant-a-pizza by starting our plot in the new community garden. We purchased some tomato, pepper, and zinnia seedlings and started basil and micro-greens from seed. A kind resident gave us oregano and thyme. Sounds like a tasty dinner! When you have a chance, stop by and check out the beautiful work by our neighbors in the new space. There’s still one plot available! Get in touch with me for details.

Lots going on this week. Yesterday I appeared on the Magic 104.5 morning show with my friend, Clay. We discussed the summer reading events and activities in Jackson as well as our other NNHLC libraries. If you missed it live, the recording is almost as good!

And finally, I was up and out early this morning to meet Abbott Tent Rental at the Library and supervise the delivery of a tent for our summertime events! We have lots planned and, just like the patio, it’s available for anyone to use at any time. Thanks to the Friends of the Jackson Library for generously funding the tent for us this summer.

State of the Library in 2021

What a difference a year makes! Well, maybe not so much since Covid-19 is still here. Despite the challenges, Jackson Public Library continues to thrive, with a focus on keeping our community healthy and safe (thank you for wearing your mask when you visit!) while providing the books and services you expect and enjoy.

The JPL Library Staff is unmatched for enthusiasm, dedication, and patron-centered focus. From finding that perfect read, to assisting with research, to accessing technology - just ask a Staff member! Many thanks to Lichen, Meredith, Lisa and Gloria for all they do to keep the JPL open and welcoming for patrons and visitors alike.

Here are some of our highlights for 2021:

  • JPL is open 5 days each week, with curbside delivery available upon request.
  • Internet access capabilities were upgraded and expanded. Other IT services include patron computer availability, remote printing and Chromebook lending.
  • For the most part, indoor programs have been limited to small groups (we welcome your ideas in this area!) or Zoom format.
  • Our Summer Reading Program was a great success, with our tent providing a safe environment in which children could interact and learn.
  • Summer concerts on the lawn and under our tent proved to be challenging - we just couldn’t predict or control the weather! Our performers received high praise from the brave souls who showed up despite some damp and dreary weather.
  • JPL and the Jackson Grammar School are partnering to provide weekly Library visits and services for students in grades K-6. The excitement shown by the students tells us that the Library is an important part of their lives.

And now for the 2021 numbers. Total circulation was 19,477 items loaned, comprised of 6587 adult books, 5954 juvenile books, 4477 DVD’s, 2182 audiobooks, 1099 eBooks and 449 other non-print materials. Total patron visits were over 14,428. Active patrons totaled 508.

Visit our website for Library news, and information about upcoming events and materials available to borrow. Look for our newly enhanced catalog system (Aspen Discovery) in 2022 for improved user-friendly access to JPL’s many offerings.

Thanks to the dedicated JPL Staff for continuing to step up to the challenges of operating in a Covid-19 environment, to my colleagues on the JPL Board of Trustees for their guidance in navigating the many issues we faced this year, and to the Friends of the Jackson Public Library who continue to provide funding for many a program, book purchase, special project and other needs as they arise. It is a privilege to be associated with this team of people who are passionate about the Jackson Public Library and its place in our community.

And thanks to you for supporting the Jackson Public Library!

Linda M. Terry, Chair
Jackson Public Library Board of Trustees

Be our friend

Thanksgiving 2021

Dear Friends of the Jackson Public Library,

“Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.”

This quote from Professor R. David Lankes of the University of South Carolina echoes a conversation I had recently with another Friend. Libraries are among the few inclusive multi-generational institutions in our cities and towns. From the book clubs to the summer concerts to the wildly popular children’s programs this year, the Jackson Public Library has been building community.

For our library to continue to build community, while also providing us with books and services, our financial support is needed. Our donations to the Friends will be used to purchase new books, office and bathroom supplies, electronic media, and fund programs for children and adults. Jackson tax dollars keep the lights on, the building maintained, and our hard-working staff paid, but most everything else depends on your gifts! We hope your generosity will continue.

As important as money is, it is not the only thing that helps the library maintain its vital role in our community. While some of the volunteer opportunities at the library have not been available during the past two years, as we move out of the pandemic there will be many more ways to support our library: shelving returned books and media, outdoor maintenance, grant writing, and supporting the library’s budget at the annual Town Meeting.

One of the most public ways that the Friends have raised money has been our used book sale at the Whitney Center on Memorial Day weekend. We did not hold that sale in the past three years. We plan to return to the Whitney Center for a sale in the spring. Our fall used book collection days were successful and we plan to have more in the early spring. Volunteers will be needed for the book sale.

As some of you know I was raised by a librarian and had my first job shelving books at the library where she worked. When she retired in Jackson she volunteered at the library. It made sense when my wife and I retired in Intervale for us to make Jackson’s library our library. It also made sense for me to respond positively to the suggestion that I serve as president of the Friends. It is both those capacities that I thank you for your continued support.

Yours truly,

Daniel Weir, President
Friends of the Jackson Public Library

This year we again offer online giving.

Best books of 2021

Goodreads just released their annual survey to identify the best books of 2021. If you're a heavy reader, and have a Goodreads account, fill it out and make your voice heard. If you don't use Goodreads, I do recommend it. It's handy to keep track of what you have read and fun to see what your friends are reading. Feel free to friend me and join the Jackson Public Library group!

I love filling these out every year, but don't read enough of the books on the list to be able to make much of a difference in the voting.

As most of you know, I love to match books and readers. One of the intangible bonuses of using your library is that we love to get to know what you like and then when I'm buying new books, I keep my readers in mind. That's right, I'm a personal reading concierge for those who come in often.

For me, though, this means when I'm looking for a new book to read, I usually go for the ones that no one is checking out so I can match it to a reader and get it out there.

Anyway, it's fun to vote!

BoT meets Tu, Nov 2 @ 4:30p @ Town Hall

Jackson Public Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, November 2, 2021, 4:00 PM
*Jackson Town Offices
Masks Required

Contact (603) 383-3100 for Further Information

1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
2. Reports
o Library Director (including status of pandemic service plan and modifications
required, if any)
o Treasurer
o Friends
3. New Business
o 2022 Budget
4. Non-Public Session pursuant to RSA 91-A:3 II-a and -c for discussions of 2022 employee
compensation and Library Director’s evaluation
5. Next Meeting - Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at 4:00 pm

The Vagabond Trilogy: The Story in History w/ Olga Morrill 6/15 @ 7pm

Local author Olga Morrill defines what is fact and what is fiction in The Vagabond Trilogy, an historical fiction series that is currently in the works. Two of the three books are now published. Join the discussion! This event is sponsored by the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, the Conway Public Library, The Pope Memorial Library in North Conway, the Madison Public Library, and the Jackson Public Library.

Sign up for Zoom access here:

Books are available through your local library, White Birch Books, and Amazon.


POSTPONED Trustees meet 3/2 @ 4pm

Update:: Because of high winds, downed trees, and power outages, the Library trustees meeting schedule for today is cancelled. Standby for rescheduled meeting.

Jackson Public Library Board of Trustees
Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 4:00 pm


  1. Approval of minutes from prior meeting.
  2. Library Director’s Report, including status of pandemic service plan
    and modifications required, if any, and recap of discussions regarding purchase of generator and designation of Library as secondary emergency shelter.
  3. Friends’ Report.
  4. Treasurer’s Report.
  5. Discussion of requirements for investing trust funds and donations
    made directly to the Library (see RSA 202-A:23, RSA 31:25, RSA
    31:25-d and RSA 41:6).
  6. Amendment to Bylaws to permit 3 alternates.
  7. Approve recommendations to be sent to Board of Selectmen: 2 new alternates, replacement for vacated elected position.
  8. First amendment audits.
  9. Discussion of Personnel Policy – Holidays, Vacation and Personal Days
  10. Other Business.
  11. Non-Public Session: If applicable.
  12. Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 6, 2021, 4:00 pm.