Snow comes to the…

We are open early in anticipation of difficult travel tomorrow or later. I have processed all the Oscar movies I have at the moment. The first of you who ask to be on the list for them should have gotten your email and there are a few on the shelf. I know everyone wanted them before the storm. We also have lots of fabulous new books on the shelf as well and fun things for kiddos.

Also, Meredith just changed the Story Book Trail near the cocoa cabin. Now you can read Snow Comes to the Farm by Nathaniel Tripp out there. It makes for a really fun afternoon destination. Kids ski free and we would be happy to loan you the trail pass!

I’ll see you soon and, please, stay safe tomorrow. It is possible that we will not open in order to keep ourselves, but also you, safe from harm. If we close I will alert you on our website, via Facebook, and Twitter.

Saturday July 23. Family Dance Party

Please join the Friends of the Jackson Public Library for a Family Dance Party featuring live music from Miss Maybell and Slimpickin’s on Saturday July 23, 2016 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm outside on the lawn at the Jackson Public Library, located at 52 Main Street in Jackson, NH.
Library Poster
There will be games for the kids, and picnic food available for purchase from Sweeney Sensations catering. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy this fun, free family-friendly event! Join us rain or shine, with all activities moving into the Library in the unlikely case of inclement weather.

Local favorites Miss Maybell and Slimpickin’s are a musical duo based in Jackson, NH. They play American Roots, Jazz, Blues, Country, and Ragtime music from the 1920-40s, as well as classic original tunes. Wherever they play they bring smiles to the faces of those around them, and are guaranteed to be like no other band you have ever seen before.

Slimpickin’s has been playing guitar for more than fifteen years, and with his undying love for old music has truly mastered the classic finger-style blues guitar of some of the most amazing pickers in early American music, such as Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson, and Big Bill Bronzy. Miss Maybell, has always had a deep love of music and has been singing, and playing one instrument or another for her whole life. She has a immense attachment to the great woman singers of the past such as Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, and Billie Holiday. She also plays Banjo, Washboard, Guitar and Kazoo, while stomping away on her suitcase kick-drum.

Needless to say Miss Maybell & Slimpickin’s are not only technicians of quite difficult music they also know how to make the audience have a fun time!

The presentation is free and open to the public although a $5.00 donation is welcome to offset event expenses. For more information, please contact the Jackson Public Library at 603-383-9731.

New for July.

In addition to placing my July order, we got a bunch of terrifically beachy donations this month. Perfect for enjoying the unbelievable weather.

Opening Sundays between Memorial Day and Labor Day

I am thrilled to announce that in addition to our usual hours the Jackson Public Library will be open on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm this summer. Come and take advantage of our beautiful building and the sunny workspaces it offers; the busy children’s area; movies and games; magazines and newspapers; and all the services we provide.

We are able to offer these expanded hours to residents and visitors alike thanks to our committed Board of Trustees and Library Staff who work so hard to provide for the diverse needs of the Jackson community. If you have any questions or comments about this, or anything else, please email Lichen.

P.S. I am looking for a kind and talented volunteer to help me make two wooden signs to hang below our hours boards announcing this addition. If you are handy with a saw and/or a paintbrush, please get in touch.

It's NOT snowing!

We are accepting title suggestions for this week's no-snow movie marathon!
We are accepting title suggestions for this week’s no-snow movie marathon!

We are an outdoorsy community around Jackson. When it’s late December and there isn’t any snow on the ground, folks start to get a little feverish. In order to provide a small antidote the Library will be showing nonstop movies for the vacation week.

The meeting room is darkened; the sound system is checked; the bean bags have been placed;all we need now are your picks and your attendance. Have a look at the Library calendar to see what slots still need movie titles in them. Email us to make a request and be sure to include the day and time as well as the title.*

My kiddos have placed their choices for all-day viewing on Wednesday. I’m sure they would love some company. Cannot wait to see you here!

*Our license only allows for certain titles so you may want to include a 2nd choice in case we cannot show your first.

The latest in the Library

– Lichen

Can you help with our Pumpkin display?

We are proud to be participating again in this year’s Return of the Pumpkin People. Our Charlotte’s Web display last year was a smash hit and I am planning something this year to highlight the Library’s modern services.
Unsurprisingly, to those who know me, I have waited until the last minute and I am begging some help. If you would like to provide any of the following, please drop it at the Library any time; leave a comment below; or email me and I will happily and gratefully accept.

Our offering for Return of the Pumpkin People 2014
Our offering for Return of the Pumpkin People 2014

If you want to give something, please drop it off before 9/26 (yes, that is Saturday):

  • an old light-colored sheet,
  • Fabric markers or paint,
  • Bale of straw,
  • old lawn chair – adirondack style would be ideal. I can return it,-
  • Old Pants
  • long sleeved turtleneck (there will be a short sleeved over it)
  • shoes
  • PUMPKIN! Human head size
  • Old and not-functional laptop
  • Old wooden crate (for a makeshift side table)
  • Glue gun
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Zip ties, big ones

If you want to help out. please come to the Library around 10am on Saturday 9/26 and give me a hand. Tasks may include the following.

  • Lettering a large sign
  • Hang sheet from a tall ladder
  • Stuff clothes with newspaper to create pumpkin man
  • Lend some ideas and creativity as we set it up

We had a blast making the display last year – this is a fun project that helps the Library – but most of all gives us a reason to spend a few hours building something. Kids are welcome to come and race around – mine will be here. Thanks for any help you might be able to provide and I promise to manage my time better next year.


New items for your back-to-school reading

  • New Fiction
  • Fatal harbor by Brendan DuBois. Find it at F DUB Le.8. This is a great novel by a NH author and all-around decent fellow. We have almost all the series if you want to start from the beginning… and we’ll be pleased to get you the one we are missing too.
  • Purity by Jonathan Franzen. Find it at F FRA. Remember The Corrections? This is the new one by the same author.
  • The nature of the beast by Louise Penny. Find it at F PEN Bk.11. Another popular series for all types of readers and this is the very latest, but we have almost all of them.
  • Girl waits with gun by Amy Stewart. Find it at F STE. I happened to run across the review and this sounds delightful. Hopefully one of you will let me know soon!
  • Starlight on Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs. Find it at F WIG La.11. Also the latest in a series, but they can be read individually too.
  • New Nonfiction
  • Asset protection & retirement in New Hampshire by Edward D Beasley. Find it at 362 BEA. Not exactly scintillating stuff, but may be useful.
  • Superfood kitchen by Julie Morris. Find it at 641.5 MOR.
  • Timberframe by Tedd Benson. Find it at 728.37 BEN.
  • Basketry by John E McGuire. Find it at 746.41 MCG.
  • Creative silk painting by Diane Tuckman. Find it at 746.6 TUC.
  • Spain Find it at 914.6 BUS. This is a literary traveller’s guide to Spain. I love the idea of reading stories set in the place I am about to visit.
  • Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. Find it at YA 940.54 HIL. The popular story with some of more adult themes omitted. Sounds like my kind of re-working.
  • New Audio Books
  • The bucolic plague by Josh Kilmer-Purcell. Find it at CD 306.77 KIL. I have been dying to read this, being a new farmer type myself, but don’t have the time – I’m too busy milking, harvesting, and freezing! Hoping I’ll have better luck listening while I work.
  • Fearless by Eric Blehm. Find it at CD 359.9 BLE.
  • New Movies
  • Bessie Find it at DVD BES. Starring Queen Latifah.
  • Little Boy Find it at DVD LIT.
  • Sherlock. Find it at DVD SHE S.3. The next installment for those of you who have been following the series.
  • Woman in Gold Find it at DVD WOM.
  • New in the Children’s Room
  • Horns to toes and in between by Sandra Boynton. Find it at BB BOY.
  • Baby bear, baby bear, what do you see? by Bill Martin. Find it at BB CAR. Big favorite in our house!
  • Ten little rabbits by Virginia Grossman. Find it at BB GRO. Native-American inspired counting. Sweet one.
  • Miss Spider’s ABC by David Kirk. Find it at BB KIR.
  • Miss Spider’s tea party by David Kirk. Find it at BB KIR.
  • The little engine that could by Watty Piper. Find it at E PIP. Nice clean hardcover reprint of the delightful original.
  • Henry’s Big Pumpkin by Benjamin C Skousen. Find it at E SKO. Look for big news about Henry later this month!
  • Summer by Alice Low. Find it at ER LOW.
  • The one and only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Find it at jF APP. Nice one for the older kids.
  • Spiders by Carolyn Otto. Find it at ANIMALS j595.4 OTT.
  • Snakes! Find it at ANIMALS j597.96 SNA. Super intense photos in this one.
  • Amazing gorillas! by Sarah L Thomson. Find it at ANIMALS j599.8 THO.
  • Choppers by Susan E Goodman. Find it at MACHINES j629.133 GOO.
  • Amazing aircraft by Seymour Simon. Find it at MACHINES j629.133 SIM.
  • Cool cars by Seymour Simon. Find it at MACHINES j629.222 SIM.
  • Spies! by Richard Platt. Find it at MYSTERIOUS j327.12 PLA.
  • Hurricanes, tsunamis, and other natural disasters by Andrew Langley. Find it at NATURE j363.34 LAN. Find the mystery about this book and claim a prize at the desk.
  • Danger! earthquakes by Seymour Simon. Find it at NATURE j551.22 SIM.
  • Great women athletes by Darice Bailer. Find it at SPORTS j796 BAI.
  • Super Bowl! by Tim Polzer. Find it at SPORTS j796.332 POL.

The NH Downloadable Books Consortium added new eBooks on September 4th, August 28th. August 21st, August 14th, August 7th, and July 31st. We also added new Audio Books – great to listen to while picking pumpkins – on September 4th, August 28th, August 21st, August 14th, August 7th, and July 31st.

– Lichen

Rainy day movie marathon

Join us any time today for a flick.
Join us any time today for a flick.

It’s raining and a great day to stay indoors. Everyone knows the Library is a great place to sit and read, but I decided to change things up today and show all day movies in our meeting room. We’ll let those who happen to be around when one ends choose the next one. Keeping it in the G and PG range so the littles can enjoy too. Grown-ups are still expected to be nearby – in the building or watching along. Hope to see you soon!