Clubs on break

Over the last few months we have seen a sudden and surprising decline in attendees to our various clubs and meetings. Fiber Group has dwindled. Scrapbooking, I hardly knew you. Even Lego Club has been a lonely affair this fall and winter.

We have decided to put these three clubs on indefinite sabbatical. There are lots of other knitting groups in the area so I am sure you may find one that suits you. Scrapbooking may reappear in the spring when its champion returns to town. Legos will be back in a new form that we are still imagining.

Book Group, I am proud to say is staying around. It has seen an upswing in attendance we have had some terrific conversations lately. We would love to see you at that one!

We would be thrilled to entertain proposals for other clubs or groups. Backgammon? Scrabble? Sudoku? If you are interested in organizing something, the Library may be able to provide a space for you.