Nicholas Black Elk 5/2 @ 5pm

The Life and Legacy of Nicholas Black Elk, Holy Man of the Lakota

Join Damian Costello, the Friends of the Jackson Library, and New Hampshire Humanities to explore the life and legacy of Nicholas Black Elk (c.1866-1950), the Lakota holy man made famous by the book Black Elk Speaks.

We will begin with Black Elk's Great Vision and his struggle to discern his calling during the events of the Great Sioux War. During his long life, Black Elk lived out his vision in three overlapping roles: as a traditional healer, a Catholic teacher, and a revivalist of Indigenous traditions. In the midst of great tragedy, Black Elk wove these three strands into one beautiful life exemplifying survival, hope, and reconciliation.

We will discuss the relevance of Black Elk's legacy for broader questions of Abenaki survival in Northern New England, hope in the face of global environmental problems, and reconciliation in the midst of growing political and religious sectarianism. This talk is based on extensive historical research, extended residency in Indian Country, and continuing conversation with Lakota elders.

One thought on “Nicholas Black Elk 5/2 @ 5pm”

  1. Hi Lichen,

    I hope this note finds you well. Cheryl and I remain healthy although Nova Scotian has recently experienced a significant surge in Covid cases. Another lockdown has just been proclaimed and we are back to “avoiding any travel that is not critical”. “Deja vu all over again”?!! Obviously the border remains closed and we’ve no idea when we will be able to return for a visit.

    That being said, we’re maintaining our connection with friends and attending various Tin Mountain presentations. We’d like to join the May 2 Zoom presentation on the Lakota Holy Man.

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