Deep winter reading

In addition to this month’s Book Group, I read Sweep: A Girl and her Monster and loved it. A good story, but also some terrific existential stuff in there. I also feel it’s part of my job (punishment?) to read the books I buy that no one is checking out. There were a lot in January!

I choose A Ladder to the Sky and I really think ya’ll have missed the mark on this one. I alternately loved it and hated it because the whole narrative paints a picture of one man’s ambition and what he does to succeed. It sort of sneaks up on you. Really excellent writing in there too.

Now I’m flirting with a few novels while I wait for the new Lucinda Riley to come out. Sometimes we get books up to a week before their release date so I get to preview. I’m hoping that happens but in case it doesn’t, get your name on the hold list! Or, if you haven’t, read the others in the series: The Seven Sisters, The Storm Sister, The Shadow Sister, and The Pearl Sister.