Digital Magazines are now available!

If you are a regular to our Downloadable Book service, you may have noticed a change lately. This winter the NH Downloadable Books Consortium approved a year-long pilot project to offer digital magazines – specifically, Nook Periodicals. I, for one, fully supported the decision – but I am anxious to hear from you.

IMG_20150422_102302~2~2With this service you can read one of the 40 magazines on your tablet or smartphone. There are full instructions on the NHDB blog. In a nutshell, though:

  1. You will begin with downloading both the Overdrive and the Nook apps
  2. If you have never used our Downloadable Book service before, open the Overdrive app and add the NH Downloadable Audiobook Consortium via Add a library. (Searching for Jackson Public Library should get you there.)
  3. Click on NH Downloadable Audiobook Consortium to open the webpage and then Sign In (upper right hand corner) by typing Jackson Public Library and then your 14-digit Jackson Public Library barcode number. If as far as you know your number is four digits, then prefix it with 2424700000 to get to the full 14.
  4. You should see two rows of magazine covers near the top of the page. Click on one and choose Send to Nook App.
  5. From there, follow the prompts to log into or create a Barnes & Noble account (you do not need a credit card) or follow the directions provided by the NH State Library.

If you have trouble with this or anything else, please contact me (Lichen) or the staff and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Digital magazines: Just another way the Jackson Library is there for you… even when we are not open!