Do-It-Yourself Programs in May

There is always something going on at the Jackson Library!

For May, we have a new activity set up at our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Craft Center in the Children’s Area: make a frog! Our own ponds and vernal pools around town are starting to fill up with new frog eggs, so this is the perfect time to stop by and make your own frog to take home.

Question of the Month. Folks have been asking what the answer was to April’s question which was: How many books are in the Jackson Library? The answer is 8,899. While the answers varied quite a bit, the closest one was 8,500. Well done. And now for Mays question:
How many items- including books, movies, magazines, cds, and interlibrary loans- did the library check out in 2014? Add your best estimate to those on the bulletin board above the water fountain!

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