Dominique & Rosie on Sunday evening

Jackson’s own Dominique Dodge

Join the Friends of the Library on Sunday 2/23 at 5pm as local harper Dominique Dodge & Cape Breton fiddler Rosie MacKenzie offer an evening of music and song from Cape Breton and Ireland.

Rosie and Dominique are traditional musicians of depth and character, as well as childhood friends, reunited. The expressive warmth of Rosie’s fiddling meets the percussive resonance of Dominique’s harp in a way that lifts the tunes and carries them along in a stream of buoyant energy. Cape Breton is the source of their music, but both have lived in Ireland and share a love of that tradition as well. Strong singers each in their own right, their voices are well-seasoned, well-matched, and prone to both carefully woven harmony and full-bodied unison in Gaelic and English. Their sound is dynamic, responsive, and full of mischief and delight.

Donations of $10 to $20 are requested and will go directly to the musicians.