Downloadable audiobook purchase

I just sat down to order downloadable copies of our 2022 One Book One Valley selection, Night of the Living Rez for Libby/Overdrive and threw a few other titles in there as well. In total I bought five audiobooks and one eBook. Can you guess how much that cost? $350!

And that’s not all. Three of them are only available in ‘metered access’ so we pay $40-$100 for a recording on Libby and can only circulate it 24 times OR for 2 years, which ever comes first. For Night of the Living Rez, this works out to $1.67 per listen and then we have to pay another $40. For perspective, these same titles in physical formats – CDs and print – would cost us $129.63 and we would have them forever.

Legislation is just starting to be considered to help regulate these obstacles for libraries. Readers First, an advocacy group for libraries, has published an excellent position paper on this issue, for those interested.

If you’re a downloadable book lover and want to help out, we offer sponsorships! Let me know if you want a specific title.

If you’ve read this far, you have earned this. The following books are available for download for Jackson resident cardholders only. This means far shorter wait times!

Night of the Living Rez