Drum roll, please!

2014 M&M challenge
Today was the great M&M count of 2014. I am pleased to announce a total of 471 in our mason jar. The closest guess was 464 and our lucky winner has been notified. Apparently this is not the first time he has won candies in this way – he is an M&M whisperer.

For the statisticians among us:
-There were 55 guesses – impressive for our little town.
-The lowest guess was 8.
-The highest guess was 10010. (though I’m not 100% confident in my deciphering on that one.)
-The median was 340.
-The mean was 692.

There had been a rumor around here that the mean should be within about five of the actual number. In this case it was more like 80. When I omit the highest and lowest, I get 529 which is closer, but still doesn’t hold up to the theory.

In any event, it was fun to guess for young and old and we will do it again soon. All the thanks go to Meredith and Lisa for cooking this contest up.

– Lichen

2 thoughts on “Drum roll, please!”

  1. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions – my family does this every year (sadly, I was way off this time). I’m happy to see it at the library – great idea!

    1. Brian! It would be so fun in a big family… which is kind of what Jackson is, after all. Turns out that our winner also won the M&Ms last year. He’s booking now for Vegas. *wink*

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