Our Library community lost two well-loved members in November, Ms. Joanne Clarey and Mr. John Pepper.

Joanne was a local author and active participant in writing groups. We have several of her books in our collection and will miss her enthusiasm for literature. Her family has asked that donations to the library in her memory be used to purchase fiction by female authors. We are looking forward to filling that request.

John was a well known figure in Jackson for a variety of interests. I've been touched by the cards and letters we have received with generous donations in his memory. He seemed to be universally loved for his kindness - a consummate gentleman. I was always impressed with John's open curiosity as well as touched by how comfortable he was allowing us to help him find a book or assist with a device. He seemed to trust us as professionals and we responded by working extra for him.

I know that so many in Jackson love their library. At the same time you may not realize how much your library loves you back. Your librarians truly care for you. We know what you read, a very personal thing. We watch your kids grow up. We are privileged to play a role in so many lives. And we feel losses deeply.

Memorial donations to the library are a loving gesture of dedication to the community. It is, after all, everyone's library. On behalf of the staff and the Board of Trustees, our volunteers, and the whole community, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to both families.