Favorites from Friends

Back in mid-May I posted to Jackson Bridge asking for volunteers to publicly share their favorite books from which I would make in-library and online displays. My goal was to create a Jackson-based recommendation service. I was pleasantly surprised to get several responses!

Allow me to introduce you to Kim “Schroeder” Steward, our first participant in our new ‘Favorite from Friends’!

Kim worked in the Wellesley (MA) Free Library throughout her high school and college years. She also worked in the Colby-Sawyer College (New London, NH) library during her college years as well. After moving to Jackson, NH in 1995, she helped restart the Friends of the Jackson Public Library which had been dormant for some time. She served as their Vice President from 1999 until 2014 and then served on their Programming Committee for several more years. Kim has always had a book in her hand or these days, multiple books in digital format nearby.

Portrait of Kim "Schroeder" Steward
Kim “Schroeder” Steward

Kim’s in-library display will be up until July 1st when we will highlight another neighbor. Check our her full list of favorites in the catalog or in the carousel below.

Thank you, Kim, for sharing with our Jackson Library community!