Free your mind… COLOR!

As you know, we are always up on the new trends around here. Especially when it may lead to something new and fun to introduce in the Library. We have replaced our ongoing puzzle with a trio of adult coloring books and some bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils for you to give this trend a try.

Julie Beck of The Atlantic knows exactly what you are thinking:

I have never changed my mind about anything as quickly or completely as I changed my mind about adult coloring books. I found the trend mostly baffling and maybe a little dumb… Several trend pieces about adult coloring books lump them in with other “childish” activities that grown-ups are apparently engaging in to regress back to their simpler youth, like adult preschool and adult summer camp. But I think they fit better into the trend of meditation and mindfulness that’s been going for some time now, one response among many to the high levels of stress many adults are living with.

I first heard about coloring for adults when I was trolling Amazon one day for books to buy for the Library. I noticed a specialized coloring book in the top 100 bestsellers. I took note and blithely proceeded to the fiction. Then, in a meeting, a woman told me that coloring is what she likes to do for her “me-time.” She said it helps her relax and focus. Since then it seems like I have run across several articles (contact us if you can’t see those articles – I’ll give you the username and password) and mentions of this new activity.

Indeed, Beck suggests that coloring is similar who doodle in meetings to help their focus; to keep the mind from wandering. Personally, I do my best thinking when I am driving or in the shower. Unfortunately, it’s tough to take notes in either of those places so I usually forget my biggest ideas as soon as I step out. Perhaps coloring is the key? Providing a way to quiet down one part of the noisy, busy brain so that another part can rise to the top. Often, it’s that part that carries the important stuff.

If you are like me, come by the Library for a visit and give coloring Only one thing to do; buy a book and see what the fuss is about!