Friends make us who we are

The Friends of the Jackson Library will hold a meeting on Wednesday, September 12 at 9am at the Library and would like to invite you to attend.

If you are wondering who the Friends are and what they do – well, I can answer that! In short, they do all the things that make the Library into the magical place that it is. Here’s a list that is by-no-means exhaustive:

  • They do things like:
  • Organize and run all our monthly events at the library including December’s harp music and twice a year trivia afternoon,
  • Volunteer weekly to do everything from restock bathroom paper to water plants; from re-shelve books to dust behind them,
  • Organize and run the large memorial day book sale (to be discussed at this meeting), as well as the new mini book sales at the Old Library, (The next one is October 7th from 1p to 3pm,)
  • Cover all our books and get them stickered and stamped and ready to be checked out,
  • Attend the Farmers’ Market to sell books and represent everything the library does to folks who may not visit often, but still eat zucchini.
  • They raise money for us to buy things like:
  • Books, DVDs, Museum Passes, Kindles, and almost everything else you can check out and bring home,
  • All our computers, used by staff for checking items out and the ones we provide for the public,
  • Software and support to keep those computers running smoothly,
  • Sponsor speakers and musicians to come to monthly events at the Library,
  • The software system we use to manage our collection and check books in and out,
  • All our office supplies, not glamorous by oh-so important!
  • And so much more. They really are the beating heart and we would love to have more of them!

I hope we will see you at the meeting on Wednesday morning! And if you see a Library Friend, please thank him or her for all the amazing work they do for our town.