Friends of the Library Annual Appeal

November 2019

Dear Friends of the Library,

I am here, once again, to thank you for your generous support for our wonderful Jackson Public Library. Without your gifts the Library would essentially cease to function as we have come to know it. Your donations purchase new books, paper for copies, fund monthly and children’s programs, bathroom supplies, electronic media and hardware. Our Jackson tax dollars keep the lights on, the building maintained, and our hard-working staff paid, but most everything else depends on your gifts! We hope your generosity will continue.

But it must also be noted that money, important as it is, has not been the only thing that keeps the Library maintaining its vital role in our community. Our valuable volunteers do a variety of meaningful tasks, from sorting and shelving of circulation materials, to organizing and working at book sales. They even haul waste to the Transfer Station. Unfortunately over the past years we have experienced significant attrition in our volunteer roster, which has put more of a burden on both the volunteers and staff. The library needs your help. Younger members of the community are especially useful, as the boxes of used books seem to be getting heavier with every passing year. If you find you can give even as little as an hour a week, it would be such a help, so stop by the library to find out what you might contribute.

The Friends of the Jackson Public Library has a board of directors, and holds just three regular meetings a year. Therefore these few meetings are important; we get to determine how your contributions are going to be best used, how we can organize activities to generate more income, and what initiatives will be important in the future to fulfill our mission. We need your presence and help in making these important decisions; all our friends, be they full or part-time area residents, are invited not only to attend but also to participate in our discussions. Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 15, 2020, at 9 a.m. in the library. Our meetings rarely last more than an hour or two, so please come if you can.

With your monetary and volunteer help, we look forward to another great year at the library. Thanks again for making our library a very special place.

Most sincerely,
E. Allen Brooks, President
Friends of the Jackson Public Library

This year we again offer online giving.