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Thanksgiving 2021

Dear Friends of the Jackson Public Library,

“Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.”

This quote from Professor R. David Lankes of the University of South Carolina echoes a conversation I had recently with another Friend. Libraries are among the few inclusive multi-generational institutions in our cities and towns. From the book clubs to the summer concerts to the wildly popular children’s programs this year, the Jackson Public Library has been building community.

For our library to continue to build community, while also providing us with books and services, our financial support is needed. Our donations to the Friends will be used to purchase new books, office and bathroom supplies, electronic media, and fund programs for children and adults. Jackson tax dollars keep the lights on, the building maintained, and our hard-working staff paid, but most everything else depends on your gifts! We hope your generosity will continue.

As important as money is, it is not the only thing that helps the library maintain its vital role in our community. While some of the volunteer opportunities at the library have not been available during the past two years, as we move out of the pandemic there will be many more ways to support our library: shelving returned books and media, outdoor maintenance, grant writing, and supporting the library’s budget at the annual Town Meeting.

One of the most public ways that the Friends have raised money has been our used book sale at the Whitney Center on Memorial Day weekend. We did not hold that sale in the past three years. We plan to return to the Whitney Center for a sale in the spring. Our fall used book collection days were successful and we plan to have more in the early spring. Volunteers will be needed for the book sale.

As some of you know I was raised by a librarian and had my first job shelving books at the library where she worked. When she retired in Jackson she volunteered at the library. It made sense when my wife and I retired in Intervale for us to make Jackson’s library our library. It also made sense for me to respond positively to the suggestion that I serve as president of the Friends. It is both those capacities that I thank you for your continued support.

Yours truly,

Daniel Weir, President
Friends of the Jackson Public Library

This year we again offer online giving.