Have I read this before?


It has happened to all of us. We take a book out of the Library and get a few pages in (hopefully not half the tome) and realize we have already read it. Well, as usual, the staff at the Jackson Library are here to help. With your library card, you receive a password. Use it to log into your Library account. Now scroll down to click on the button: “your privacy”. From there you may make your own selection and be sure to hit ‘submit’.

I will tell you that, by default, we keep your reading history for one month. That gives us a chance to track down any missing discs, investigate coffee stains (We hope it’s coffee, anyway), or find out what you thought of the book! After that your reading history will be deleted.

If you need any help with your password, with logging in, or if you do not use a computer but would like to change your setting, please let us know. We’ll even give you a cup of coffee… just don’t spill!