How does the Library help the town?

K/1 class visits the Library

We were blessed and honored on Tuesday to have a visit from Mrs. Groves’ K/1 class of the Jackson Grammar School. They began the school year learning about community and discussing the various places that create our community.

At the library they enjoyed hearing Ms. Meredith read Katie and the Big Snow and talking about how Katie the snow plow saved her town from a giant storm. Then we all discussed how the Library helps the people in the town, the town as a whole, and – our favorite – how the town and its people help the library.

There is nothing like a visit from the youngest members of our community to put things in perspective! They were kind, generous, respectful, and – most importantly – enthusiastic about the role the Library enjoys in the fabric of their lives. If this is the future of our community we are all in excellent hands. Well done, Jackson!

I would love to hear your answer to the question: How does the Library help the town? Comment or email and I’ll post the answers. Thank you all! Lichen