IMLS, the Proposed Federal Budget, and the Washington Post

You may remember awhile back that I shared information about the federal budget proposal and what it would mean to you and the services we are able to provide. While I was doing that, a little birdie who I know phoned Joe Davidson at the Washington Post. His story on the subject came out today: Support grows for small agency with big reach on Trump’s budget death row.

A excerpt from the story:

In his budget message, Trump said he aims to create “a Government that puts the needs of its own people first.” The people apparently don’t need library and museum services enough to meet his requirements.

He should listen to the library and museum officials from throughout the country who told us how the cuts would affect their operations.

David Smolen, Conway, N.H., public-library director: “There are a number of ways elimination of IMLS and LSTA (Library Services and Technology Act grants) would damage our libraries.” He cited talking books for the blind, downloadable books, research databases and staff positions subject to layoffs.