Item due and renewal emails

We are working with the other three libraries in our cooperative and with our software vendor to fine tune the notices that go out to you regarding when your items are due. So that they will be more meaningful, helpful, and reliable sometime soon. In the meantime, do not panic. You can always email us by simply replying to any one of the messages that you get from the software or phoning (383-9731) to double check.

If you happened to be interested in the inner workings of library automated communications, a few months ago, as we were preparing for Conway to join our Northern New Hampshire Library Cooperative, we implemented a feature that we had not used before called Automatic Renewals.

Essentially, if the due date for an item comes and it is not returned nor is another person waiting for it, then it will renew for another two-week lending period on its own.

The tricky thing, of course, is how do you know if it has been renewed or if you need to return it? It is a fair question to be sure. Yesterday I got two separate emails at the same moment, one reminded me that my items were due and the other informed me that those very same items had been renewed for me. GAH!

Now that I’m long-winded and providing too much detail, I wanted to let you know that we are aware that you may be getting confusing messages regarding your materials from us. Rest assured that if you have checked something out for the two week period, we will not ask you to bring it back sooner. It’s yours at least until the date stamps inside the book.

Thank you for your patience while we figure this out. Lichen