It's NOT snowing!

We are accepting title suggestions for this week's no-snow movie marathon!
We are accepting title suggestions for this week’s no-snow movie marathon!

We are an outdoorsy community around Jackson. When it’s late December and there isn’t any snow on the ground, folks start to get a little feverish. In order to provide a small antidote the Library will be showing nonstop movies for the vacation week.

The meeting room is darkened; the sound system is checked; the bean bags have been placed;all we need now are your picks and your attendance. Have a look at the Library calendar to see what slots still need movie titles in them. Email us to make a request and be sure to include the day and time as well as the title.*

My kiddos have placed their choices for all-day viewing on Wednesday. I’m sure they would love some company. Cannot wait to see you here!

*Our license only allows for certain titles so you may want to include a 2nd choice in case we cannot show your first.