Jackson reads in MAY – Flight of Remembrance

The Library’s Book Group is currently reading Flight of Remembrance: A World War II Memoir of Love and Survival. We will meet to discuss the book on Tuesday May 10th at 4:30pm.

The following night please join the Friends of the Jackson Public Library as they host the author Marina Dutzmann Kirsch as she presents the true narrative of her family’s experiences against the backdrop of World War II tragedy and devastation in Latvia, Poland, and Germany. This will take place at the Jackson Public Library on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 at 7:00 pm. The library is located at 52 Main Street in Jackson, NH.

As World War II recedes into distant memory, great attention is being rightfully focused on the remaining Allied veterans. But what of those who served on the other side? For Rolf, the author’s father and the main protagonist of Flight of Remembrance, a young, Latvian aeronautical engineering student of Baltic German descent, who was forced under the threat of execution to flee his homeland in 1939 before the first Soviet takeover, the only nation that would accept him was Nazi Germany. In 1940 Berlin, he meets a young German woman, Lilo, and a love story begins that will endure more than 70 years and across two continents. Rolf’s worst fear comes to pass when he is drafted into the Luftwaffe in 1941. Despite the immeasurable evil, suffering and desolation of World War II, a synchronistic chain of events enables Rolf and Lilo to see their most cherished dreams materialize out of postwar catastrophe and ruin including a career in the U.S. space program for Rolf after immigration.

On the brink of her family’s odyssey to the New World in December of 1951, Marina Dutzmann Kirsch was born into the postwar Old World in Zurich, Switzerland. More than fifty years later, her “journey of remembrance” to research and record the experiences of her family before, during and after the tumultuous years of World War II included unearthing facts about her grandfather’s role as chief inspector of V-2 rockets at the top secret installations of Peenemünde and Mittelwerk. In September 2011, she completed a “pilgrimage of remembrance” to the Mittelbau-Dora Concentration Camp in Nordhausen, Germany to donate family documents and to pay respect to the memory of the inmates who perished there. Marina has also reconnected with Wakarusa, the tiny farming community with a big heart in northern Indiana that sponsored her family to immigrate to the US in 1951. Graphic designer turned author, Marina resides with her husband in Kensington, New Hampshire, is an officer of the Exeter Speak-Ups chapter of Toastmasters International, and is available to speak at venues across the US about her family’s story.

The author will discuss the book’s subject matter, protagonists, inspiration, and special research accompanied by World War II era photographs. Signed books will be available for $20.00 each with cash and checks accepted. Flight of Remembrance is also available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Books, and directly via her website at <a href=”http://www.kirschstonebooks.com”>www.kirschstonebooks.com</a>.

The presentation is free and open to the public although a $5.00 donation is welcome to offset performer expenses. For more information, please contact the Jackson Public Library at 603-383-9731