jacksonlibrary.org gets new togs

Since everything is different anyway, I figured now was the right time to launch a new website! I’ve been threatening it for years, yes years. Also, the website host we have been using is shuttering. He warned me months ago and then emailed me last week to ask me politely when I would be moving my website. I protested that I had until April! *awkward pause*

Long story short…. we have a new website – Surprise! We’ll be improving it as time goes on and then again when we are able to reopen. Thank you for your ongoing kindness and patience.

4 thoughts on “jacksonlibrary.org gets new togs”

  1. the library is my new lifeline!! I always look forward to picking up my new read!
    Thank you for all you do!

    1. We love to do it, Carol. We are working on more services and materials in the next couple weeks.

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