July Question of the Month and Summer Reading!

Ahhh, summer, the perfect time to read a good book. Sometimes we save a book we are especially eager to read until that warm summer breeze blows. So, with that in mind, our July Question of the Month is:

What book are you most looking forward to reading this summer?

The responses to our June question, “What magazine do you enjoy reading most each month?” were wonderfully varied. Top billing decidedly went to The Week. Other favored magazines included, in no particular order: National Geographic, Boy’s Life, The New Yorker, Outside, Trail Runner, Kittens 101, Popular Science, and Good Housekeeping.

The Jackson Library’s annual Summer Reading Program had a terrific first week. During our elementary school program, kids played a variety of games and finished by making their own shoe box marble mazes. The storytime program focused on Yoga and the kids practiced some poses they’d read about. Good times indeed. Click here for more information on our summer programs.