Large type books

As we age, reading can become harder and harder, can it not? *Lichen reaches for her new readers.* If you are anything like me, books are a fundamental necessary to maintain my sanity and quality of life. Because of that we maintain a small collection of Large Print books. We shelf these among the others because they are often the only copy we have and we want browsers to find it. They have a large “LARGE PRINT” sticker on the spine.

BUT, if you find that larger type is helpful for you to enjoy a book, but you don’t want to browse through the stacks to find one… well we, my friends, are here to serve. There is an online list of everything we own in large print. This is sorted from newest to oldest and limited to Jackson only. It will automatically update for any new ones we ad and we do plan to ad in the coming months.

If you want something specific, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will get it for you, one way or t’other.