Last minute gifts

If you are anything like me you are feeling a bit startled that Christmas is less than a week away. If someone on your list is a Jackson Library lover, I have been working on an idea.

You see, the Library maintains a wishlist. It contains titles that we would like in our collection but, for whatever reason, we have not ordered.

I’d like to invite you to have a look at it and if you see anything that someone you know might enjoy, buy it for us in their honor. It is probably easier to do this inside the Library, but if you are into instant gratification, here are some steps to do it from home:

  1. Fill out our handy-dandy form,
  2. Send us $20 via Square online,
  3. We will give you a lovely card to inform your person of the gift,
  4. When the book arrives here we will put a commemorative bookplate in the front,
  5. If you wish, put your person or yourself or both on the hold list and you or they can be the first to check it out.

It’s a gift for someone you love, the Library you love, and the town you love… see how many people win?