Live Animal Program

As part of our Summer Reading Program, don’t miss our mid-season Extravaganza with Squam Lakes Natural Science Center as they present “ANIMAL ARCHITECTS” on Wednesday, July 19th at 5:30pm at the Jackson Library.

This one-hour program features three live wild animal architects and is led by an expert naturalist. While designed with elementary-school aged children in mind, this family-friendly presentation is ideal for audiences of all ages. The program is also free and open to the public. For more information, call the library at 383-9731.

Animal Architects: Building Habitat
We don’t typically think of animals when we think of architects and building, but many of our wild animal neighbors are habitat architects. A habitat is an animal’s home, the place it finds everything it needs to survive. Through shelter construction and other activities, many animals build habitat for themselves and other species too. A woodpecker is an expert habitat architect. By drilling holes in trees for feeding and nesting, woodpeckers provide many cavity nesting birds, like a saw-whet owl, a safe nest it couldn’t build on its own. A Squam Lakes Natural Science Center naturalist will show you three live wild animal architects and the habitats they build.