Lots of sponsored books this month

Lots going on in the literary world of the Jackson Library this month. March seems to have been the month of giving books.

Author Dawn Beebe gifted four books to us from our Amazon wishlist in response to Readurday. As far as I understand it Readurday is a project designed to encourage people to buy the books libraries need. We were thrilled to be included and psyched to have received some books!

Thanks to another generous donation, the Young Adult and Children’s collections became a little more diverse this month. Meredith received $200 to buy books for young folks that reflect the rich mosaic and varied experiences of our country. These purchases are indicated below with an *. I’ve taken several home to my test subjects and so far we are all delighted with these additions.

Busy month around here managing all that generosity. If you are inspired to contribute to our workload, our wishlist is updated with some items that we would like to have! If there is anything you would ever particularly like to read, you can always request it or buy it for us and you are sure to be first on the hold list!

All the best on this rainy and bitter day. Lichen and Meredith