Materials requests

If the chat window looks like this, we are waiting to talk to you right now!

I haven’t updated you about our progress bringing you updated library services. Our reintroduction of material pickups on Tuesdays and Saturdays was a smash. On Saturday I took almost 100 items off the shelves and put them in the hallway. I was exhausted but happy.

If you would like to request library books to pickup, there are several ways to do so:

1. go to your account and log in with your full, 14 digit library card number. If you are used to using only four numbers then precede them with 2424700000xxxx and you should get in. (Please do note that because the State Library has cancelled the book courier service we rely on, we cannot borrow items from other libraries at this time. You will be limited to only putting holds on items we own in our collection.)

2. Fill out a form or simply email the staff.

3. Go to our chat page and if it shows we are online, we may even get a chance to have a wee catch-up in real time. I feel like I am logged into the chat 22 hours a day so you have a good chance of catching me.

Even if you miss us on chat, the staff and I have been working on setting up schedule during which you can either reach us or expect to hear back from us in whatever format you prefer. Those times are Tuesday – Saturday from 9am – 12noon. During those hours one of use will be at our computers waiting to fulfill your needs. If you phone, someone will be picking up messages and returning your call during those times.

All the best during these difficult times. We miss you all and are working just as hard to support you. Our Guide to Service is constantly updated with the latest we are doing. Lichen