May Question of the Month

And so another month is underway in Jackson and we are eagerly waiting for the May flowers to pop. Which brings us to our May Question of the Month, here is the scenario:

Imagine that you could only read books by one author – which author would you choose?

Would you go for the person who wrote your favorite book? Or the someone prolific? Let us know!

In April we asked,”What are the signs of spring that you most anticipate?” The answers were just wonderful. Birds topped the list. The woodcock, the phoebe, listening to them all in the morning, we seem to have birds on our minds. But there are other changes we anticipate as well: seeing the sap buckets on the trees, the blooming mayflowers, and summing it all up most wonderfully, “the smell of melting snow and thawing ground, the feel of warm rays and song of chirping bird.”