Mea Culpa

At 9am I was reading a novel in bed. At 10am I was hollering at the kids to pick up their toys so I could vacuum. At 11:30 I was out biking in my jammies and thinking about lunch, blissfully unaware that the toys were still everywhere and that the Library was still shut tight.

Thanks to Julie and my beloved and faithful Saturday volunteer for alerting me to the growing crowd outside the door. Unfortunately, though, my PJs don’t have pockets so I stayed ignorant until going upstairs to get the neglected vacuum.

Anyway, so sorry, Jackson! I foolishly did not check the schedule before leaving last night and didn’t realize I was scheduled today. It’s late, 12:30pm now and we are open. I’ll remain until 3:30pm to make it up to you. Again, my mortifying mistake and I am awfully sorry.