Memorial Day Weekend Booksale

The Friends of the Jackson Public Library are having their Annual Book Sale on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday , May 23 from 10- 3 pm and Sunday, May 24 from 10-2 pm at the Whitney Community Center. The Whitney Community Center is located in downtown Jackson ( off Rt. 16N) adjacent to the Jackson Grammar School .

There will be plenty of non-fiction, fiction , and children’s books in both hardcover and paperback. A large selection of cookbooks, gardening, knitting, and quilting books will fill the Center, along with plenty of beach and cabin reading selections for your summer vacation. You will also find a varied selection of DVDs for that rainy day entertainment.

New this year will be a “$5 a Bag Sale all day on Sunday.” Visitors are encouraged to bring a canvas bag, such as used for groceries, and fill it with their favorites for only $5 per bag.

Available materials are a combination of donations from the public and items weeded from the library collection. Proceeds from the sale go towards new additions to the collection and free programming at the Jackson Public Library.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend Booksale”

  1. Are you looking for book donations? My daughter would like to donate quite a collection of books if you are interested.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Yes, you could drop them off this morning at the Whitney Center. That would be excellent.
      Thank you!

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