Museum pass survey results

I am a card-carrying librarian and not a statistician. So, the survey I posted last month asking for help choosing which museum passes to get for this calendar year could have been more thoughtfully designed. I was impressed to get 30 responses!

I ranked them by the desirability score they got. 1 was considered most wanted and 8 was least wanted. I assigned no response a score of 9. Make sense? Maybe more complicated then necessary, but that’s my thing.

Anyway, here are the scores, ranked in order of desirability:

Museum Survey score Checked out 1/1/17-3/15/18 Comment
NH State Parks 80 35 Available June-November. Already purchased. Will be ready for use in the spring.
Jackson Ski Touring 117 25 Available Dec-April-ish. Emailed yesterday to renew.
Story Land (Glen) 122 No official program. Waiting to hear back on my proposal.
Squam Lake Science Center (Holderness) 123 11 Available Apr-Nov. Renewed for 2018.
Strawbery Banke (Portsmouth) 125 10 Renewed.
Portland Museum of Art 125 8 Has not been checked out in 2018.
Castle in the Clouds 167
Seacoast Science Center (Rye) 168
Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm (Tamworth) 172 2
Currier Museum (Manchester) 175 3 Renewed because it’s so inexpensive. Please use it!
MWV Children’s Museum 178 3 Will not renew.
Canterbury Shaker Village 179
McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center (Concord) 190
Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine (Portland) 206
The Fells (Newbury) 213
New England Ski Museum (Franconia) 213 Free admission
Children’s Museum of NH (Dover) 214
SEE Science Center (Manchester) 215
Millyard Museum (Manchester) 217
Amoskeg Fishways (Manchester) 222 Free admission.
Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum (Warner) 227

And so the final list of museum passes we will offer in 2018 – dun duh duh! – NH State Parks, Jackson Ski Touring, Squam Lake Science Center, Strawbery Banke, and Currier Museum of Art. I have a few passes to Remick Museum left, so I’ll leave that on the form until they are gone. I am saving what is left in my budget for Story Land and if I can’t pull that off, I’ll add another one. If the museum you were dying to visit did not make the cut and you feel moved to sponsor another pass, I will be happy to discuss that with you.