Museum Passes Available

While this summer has not looked like other ones, and the Jackson Public Library’s availability of museum passes hasn’t been the same, there are now some institutions that are allowing visitors.  If you are interested in visiting the Currier Museum of Art, the Portland Museum of Art, or the Remick Museum, please let us know (, 603-383-9731).  We have passes/discounts available for all three on a daily basis. We can prepare your pass and leave it in the entryway for you to pick up. Please be advised that each museum may have its own additional instructions, such as those for the Currier Museum listed below, so be sure to check their websites.

Instructions from the Currier Museum of Art for Visitors with a Jackson Library Pass

Library passes will function the same way they have in the past, providing a 50% discount for 2 visitors with all children under 18 free. The patron will still need to contact the Library to get the pass, but the patron is ALSO responsible for reaching out to the museum to schedule their visit. Patrons can call 603-669-6144 ex 108 to speak with a guest services representative. After setting up a time, the visitor will then inform the guest services rep from which library they received their pass and then shall receive their discount.