Need internet? Check it out from the Library!

New for 2016, we are proud to provide our patrons with Wifi hotspots to check out for two weeks you can enjoy internet in your home or vacation spot from the Jackson Library.

How does it work?
We purchased two tMobile devices that receive a data signal from a nearby cell tower and then rebroadcast it as a wireless network signal.

How can I connect?
You would connect your device the same way you connect to any wireless signal. Once you plug in the device and give it a minute to orient itself to the cell tower, open your device’s wireless menu and connect to the network that should now appear there.

But this is Jackson, we don’t have cell coverage here, do we?
Yeah, I thought that too, but several folks took home a test hotspot and reported that it did get signal. I’m not willing to make an absolute promise it will cover for you, but it is worth a shot, no?

How much does it cost?
The Library pays for the data plan out of our technology budget and provides it to patrons for free.

But I don’t have a device upon which to use it. Can I borrow one?
That is rough. We do not current have tablets or laptops to lend but if enough people ask, we may get some eventually, so if you are excited about this idea, but don’t have your own device please let us know. Maybe we’ll start loaning tablets too!

Sounds great. How do I get it?
You can reserve a hotspot the same way you would reserve a book online. You can phone us at the Library (383-9731). Or you can email us to reserve. Once checked out, you can keep it for two weeks.

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