New DVDs are here

We are part of a partnership of Carroll County libraries who share a large collection of DVDs and Audiobooks on CD. There are 12 groups and they rotate every two months. We refer to them as 'BVLA' - it stands for Bearcamp Valley Library Association.

I just unpacked the latest group and thought I would share some highlights. These are available to you for two months before they go to the next library and we get a new batch. There are a lot of BBC series included as well as several documentaries.

Last spring the group voted to consolidate some series into 'binge boxes' so that instead of having one season of a show and then having to wait for the next group for the second season, the whole series is available in one group, but watch fast because it will be gone when the group moves.

The binge boxes in this group are:

  • Luther - We have all four seasons with 6 episodes in each. Episodes are an hour long. Sick? These will keep you distracted!
  • The Blue Planet - Four discs of watery goodness.

We have some great items for the children's room too:

You can see the whole collection on the wooden cart behind the circulation desk or checkout the CDs and DVDs in our catalog.